Resto PVP Now and 5.4

Little to no current threads about Resto PVP that include information on 5.3, and the current hot topic of Resto Shaman seems more focused on PvE.

So, as I level my Resto Shaman, how is this spec currently fairing in the PVP world in 5.3? How about predictions in 5.4?

Would appreciate some insightful answers, and would appreciate serious answers even more.

Womp. Thanks.
Well for 5.3 pretty much all the resto shamans have rerolled, either DPS specs like ele (like me :'( ) or different healers like rdruids, monks, or priests.

5.4 at this point doesnt look much better. There is hope that we're receiving significant buffs but as of right now nothing is different except for Healing Tide being baseline.
Honestly, I don't expect any major changes to Resto in Pvp. We're in an okay spot right now. We're not the OP gods of healing we where pre-totem nerf, and we hold our own just fine in most situations.

None of the changes on the PTR are particularly exciting or game changing.

Healing Rain's radius has been increased to 12 yards, up from 10 yards.

Woo. A teeny tiny buff to a spell I never use.

Astral Shift now has a cooldown of 90 seconds, down from 120 seconds.

Stone Bulwark Totem's initial damage absorption shield now absorbs an additional 33% in damage.

Ok, somewhat interesting. The biggest drawback to taking AS was its long cooldown; and SBT is probably still not going to be taken, as it eats up a Earth Totem slot. Having to clip it for Tremor/EE/Earthgrab/bind just makes it feel rather useless. Maybe I'll give AS a shot now. Probably still going to stick with NG; it's hard to be free, instant healing.

Conductivity has been redesigned.

BORING. Moving on.

Healing Tide Totem now heals for 50% more.

This change in balanced out by
Purification now only increases healing done by Healing Stream Totem by 50%

Totaling a 0% change in healing done by HTT.

Earthliving Weapon effect now applies to the Shaman, not the target.

A nice little QoL change. Just makes it easier to use the ELW buff correctly.

Glyph of Riptide reduces the initial direct healing of Riptide by 75%, down from a 90% reduction to healing.

You have my attention...
Riptide's mana cost has been reduced by 25%.

Ok, now I'm interested. I'm going to have to give that glyph a try in RBG's. It's my gut feeling that it will still be a decrease in healing done, but you never know until you try!

I'm still waiting to see what the replacement for HTT is, and if there are any major changes coming down the pipes.
I could care less of any notes/changes till I have some kind of survivability. (if those are the notes for 5.4 then I am disappointed) It feels like buff all classes but shaman game.

Stone Bulwark Totem conflicts with Nature's Guardian so I do not like that.
Thanks for the insight!

Still going to give resto healing a try just because it is one of two healing specs I've yet to try at max level (MW being the other one) and hoping it sticks with me for PVP. I wanted to see where they stand, so I appreciate the information.

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