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Hello everyone,
I am looking for someone from australia that wouldnt mind raffing me. i am willing to buy a new account and go to whatever server suits you. i had a break from wow and i forgot everything and i would rather make a friend then learn it all again. I am in the process of moving very soon to UNI :) but have 3 weeks with nothing to do. ill be on as much as i can. add my battle tag Lifting#1602 to pm me in game
No idea what RAF'ing means.

Come to alliance Gundrak and add Thufir#2282 Real ID

PvP is what me and my crew do when we are on by the way, but have enough guild contact to get you some friendly dungeoneers.

Have you found someone?
have you found someone to raf?

Btag: Jeuron#6643

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