10 man seeking dps and healer

Is With Stupid is a 10 man guild horde on KJ 1/13hm seeking competent dps and 1 pally healer. The officers of this guild are former top players who have gone for a little more casual raid schedule. We are looking for dps with that same experience or maybe alts of active raiders. I am currently the raid leader and have 13/13hm experience. We need dedicated players who can show up each week and not mess up the simple tasks we give them. We need competitive dps who can produce the numbers we are looking for, and we need fast learners who can get things done in our tight more casual schedule. We raid Friday 7:30-11:30 server Saturday 7:30-11 server Sunday 7-11 server.

Currently our needs are as follows

Fury Warrior
Ele Shaman

We are currently seeking people with at least a 515 Ilvl of any of these classes or exceptional dps of any spec or class. We have moved around a bit this tier and it has affected our progression a great deal. We are looking to form a core that can progress deeply into hardmodes next tier on our more casual schedule. If you lack experience but feel you can take criticism and learn quickly feel free to respond as well. TAKING CRITICISM IS ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT ASPECTS OF JOINING THIS GUILD; this does not mean that we will scream at you or call you bad, but it does mean that if you mess something up or are not pulling the dps we would like from your gear we will let you know what you are doing wrong and expect you to change it. We are a friendly group of guys we appreciate our raiders greatly and enjoy having fun. We would just like people who can have fun while getting things done as well. Between our leadership and individual experience in this guild next tier we are hoping to go pretty deep into hardmodes I would expect a competitive full clear assuming we have the players and the attendance we are looking for. If you are interested feel free to contact any of our officers in game or contact me through bnet.

Fodizzle, Khàotic, Orangesoup, Fullmonty, Antonbane
My bnet: micheletto#1735
You can also post any interest here.

We are also currently setting up Challenge mode teams RBG teams and Arena teams looking for pvpers and people interested in doing challenge modes on top of raiders. Please add me to bnet if you are interested.
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Can has new raiders?
still need dps who aren't idiots
Still looking for a Holy Pally/Disc Priest and some exceptional dps. Currently 11/12 with Lei Shen to 20% on a few attempts last night. Looking to finish clear this week and move into HM's asap.
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Who are the sexy people?
Just FYI, Arms is better than Fury, currently.

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