Legendary Cloak quest

So having a bit of trouble with the blessed celestials quest for the Ilevel 600 cloak as melee. Read on wowhead how easy the ranged/caster one is. Was wondering if anyone knew if you can do the quest in your secondary spec and use loot specialization to get agi cloak, or because quest is class specific does that not work? Any help or tips on this would be greatly appreciated.
Yes, you can clear the quest in ele/restro and still get the melee dps cloak. I cleared the melee challenge with a 517 ilvl but took me around 20is tries.
ok thx for info
Yes you can do the other challenges for the cloak, you'll get a choice at the end of the quest.
However, I highly suggest you do the melee dps one to test yourself on how well you can do mechanics.

If it's any help, cheese the boss by bursting him down. Use a flask, 275/300 food, and pre-pot (They're all cheap). Elemental Mastery, Primal Elemental, Heroism, and every single cd you have for every pull. Do it right and you should knock off around 20M in 30s. The remaining 10M is all about avoiding !@#$, moving, and healing.
How tough is the quest and what do you do? Ill be getting my cloak tomorrow
How tough is the quest and what do you do? Ill be getting my cloak tomorrow

You go around Pandaria talking to the four Celestials and have to take one of their challenges. There is a tanking challenge, ranged dps challenge, melee dps challenge, and a healing challenge.

For the melee dps challenge, you're fighting Wrathion while he's blindfolded. He has IIRC 33M hp. He'll run around blindly doing a massive 180 degree cleave in front of him, summon some adds, and drop void zones. His attacks will take out 1/3-1/2 your hp and his adds will kill you in a few seconds if you let them attack you for long.

Do what I said above and just burst him down as hard as you can. You'll get him down fairly low but most likely won't kill him. Spread flame shock onto the adds, drop earthbind totem and kite the adds. Fire Nova and Chain Lightning to kill them. Use defensive cooldowns if you know you messed up and are going to take one of his hits. Good luck, shouldn't take more than a few attempts (or even one if you're that good).

Oh and congratulations on your Ra-den kill.
Awesome, thanks for the info! Really appreciate being able to sneak on my tablet at work and see an answer to this :)

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