What is a good medium server/pvp BG for Horde

Hey guys im looking to switch from Illidian i do not like much because it is dominated by Alliance but it is a good population of Horde, but it has its down side with loosing just about all BG's. I am looking for a not so much populated server that is connected with Cenarius, but that dominates in just about any BG's you would que in. i also do not like the chat like illidian how it is way to crazy and hard to see anybody's conversation?!

So if any one would be kind enough to give nice a valid opinion and pointers that would be great thanks everyone!


World PvP i love a lot, RBGS as well how does the server Mug' Thol and Burning Blade turn out to be? i love everything except at the moment Arenas because i am not at the rank to be doing Arenas not just cause i hate it or anything
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Horde ftw
Noticed with xrealm there is a particular darkspear guild that camps every zone with 4-6 people at any given time at the entrance and any major quest area with near/full tyrannical ally farming lowbies almost 24 hours a day. Gives a good chance to stomp some people since most seem to be pretty awful 1v1.

Lots of Daggerspine ally as well. Not saying its the best server just I've had more world pvp in the last month than I have in the last 3-4 years.
so Daggerspine would be the server to go to your saying? Or Darkspear?
If your looking to win more random BGs you should realize the realm your on doesn't matter anymore. That was changed a while ago, battlegroups were merged in random BGs. Nothing will change if you transfer.

As far as good Horde servers for world PvP I suggest Kil'Jaeden or Emerald Dream. They both are medium-high population but not as high as Illidan, and both have a pretty balanced Ally to Horde population ratio with skilled players on both sides, which I think makes world PvP more fun.
Skywall is awful do not go there.
Skywall horde. Skywall alliance is full of scrubs :D

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