Hey so me and some friends started to run bm/elemental/disc in 3s today. seems like a good comp
but im not like how warlocks and dks do so much damag, my shaman partner cant off heal me thrue al the broken fears and necros, they should buff hybrid healing cause theres so much cc how am i supposed to heal my self if im always stunned and feared.

and my hunter has a pet that is constantly taking dmg, its like its a 3v3 but i have to heal a level 85 npc the whole time aswell. they should make pets unkillable or 100% increase healing.
bad suggesions also your playing a op comp as a op healer.
pelase keep negativity to your self
Is this a troll or...?

Have your partners CC the DPS or just have them go ham and have their offensive pressure force the other team to go defensive.
quit trolling Sasha
quit trolling Sasha

@_@ how did know i was sasha @_@
this was an obvious troll attempt...
no stop trying to hijack my threads dude

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