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I tried to take on Feasel at the Dark Moon Faire before I had any level 25 pets and he of course stomped me into jelly. During the the following months I leveled a handful of pets in hopes of actually beating him.

I went with Untamed Hatchling, Fel Flame, and Harbringer of Flame. I did pretty well against Judgement and Honky-Tonk, but Fezwick just destroyed my Harbringer. I fought the other two pets until they died, and played the best I could, but I just didn't cut it. I swapped out Harbringer for my Spirit Crab, and this time I won, but only because he had a run of bad luck and had some misses. That "stun, attack, and hit *hard* tactic that monkey has is just really tough for me to counter.

So, using the pets I actually have or can get without spending a ton of gold or real life cash (I'm poor both in game and out) is there a better line up I could try? I can level up any of pets if that would help. Thanks for any advice you guys might have.
I use a clockwork gnome against the monkey. Turrets and metal fist, natch. I think I used my Rabid Nut Varmint before that. Might be annoying to find via archeology, but archeology is still good XP and you'd be focusing on dwarf sites. Plus, some of the commons sell for a pretty penny to the vendor.
Try the tonk. Missle plus super 2 round recharge hit kills him.

I Start with Fel Flame, he dies to tonk, bring in carry for a round, then bring in tonk to finish everything.
I think a possible issue here is that your mechanical bench is a bit on the weak side. With one magic and one beast on his team, mechs are your friends here. I use Lil XT and Mechanical Yeti and my leveling pet in between.

I get that you don't want to spend in-game or out-of-game cash, but the Mechanical Yeti shows up on the AH pretty frequently at pretty low prices. Alternatively, either a Menagerie Custodian, which you'd have to farm yourself because they are expensive on the AH, or the Darkmoon Tonk if you can get one with tickets earned via the other Darkmoon games, would be great, because Ion Cannon is lovely for finishing that evil little monkey.

That said, if the two pets you're already using for the eye and the tonk are working for you, I'd suggest just leveling up any of the following from your stable to kill the monkey: a moth, Clockwork Rocket Bot, Tiny Harvester, Cogblade Raptor, or one of those mech chickens.

One good mech can take out both the eye and half the monkey, so leveling your favorite might be a good start. (Edit: I mean besides the FFF; I see you've got her at max level but sadly she is not very useful against beasts.)
Personally, I find that my brilliant kaliri solos the monkey with ease. I just save it for last--ideally, something else will eat his stun before dying, but even if not, just get off a Shriek before he stuns. You go faster, so the stun is only one round, and whatever hits he manages to get in will be reduced by shriek as well as weak vs flying. In general, I've been able to beat him quite consistently with my current team. But then, I've pretty much done every pve fight with them, heh.

Darkmoon Faire - Jeremy Feasel
15 rounds
1: Infinite Whelpling [4] (1,1,1)
2: Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling [-] (1,2,2)
3: Carry pet

vs Judgement
- Tail Sweep > Tail Sweep > Healing Flame > Tail Sweep
vs Honky-Tonk
- Early advantage as soon as you have less than 700HP
- Tail Sweep until your Infinite Whelpling dies > switch to Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling
- Breath until Honky-Tonk dies
vs Fezwick
- Decoy > Breath until Fezwick has 560HP or less > Explode

- Notes: your Carry pet doesn't need to participate, as he will be the only one left alive at the end of the fight and will thus receive his xp. If you are stunned against Honky-Tonk's Shock and Awe (will happen once every 4 fights), you may need to reload the fight. Even though the Zeppelin has a super effective move against Fezwick (Missile), Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling is still better here, because it is faster and will always play first.
You can beat him without ever fighting the monkey.

Here's what I did:
Start with Thor - Drop Minefield

Swap to Landro's XT
Tympanic Tantrum
Zap until XT's dead

Bring in lowbie

Swap to Thor
Drop Minefield
Rockets until Tonk is dead

Monkey dies to minefield.

I realize not everyone has a Mini-Thor, but there are other Minefield pets around, but here's a list:

Landro's is purchasable off the AH, so don't complain about spending cash for him because you don't have to.

@OP, since you seem to have the first two pets down, I'd stick with those with some optimization (plus you don't have a lot of choices anwyays).

Untamed Hatchling with Spiked Skin and Tail Whip, heal as needed against Judgement and do as much damage against Honky Tonk as you can.

Next, use the Fel Flame with Immolate, use a Burn if you have to bring him down, but a Conflag + Immolate tick should be enough to kill him (initial hit forces him to rez, bonus hit + tick should finish him off).

So the question is what to use as your third?

Alindrianna's Kaliri strat is a good one, but I think you use your Dragonbone Condor too since it's already lvl 20. If you go that route, I'd recommend Lift-off / Thrash / Adrenaline Rush. Save Adrenaline Rush for when you're about to lose the flying racial.
I don't use him to level up, I just use 3 25's and absolutely wreck him.

Wild Golden Hatchling vs Judgement (roar then tail sweep x2, sometimes 3 sweeps)
Pandaren Fire Spirit vs Honky-Tonk (I usually just keep Hatchling in until it dies after 1 or 2 tail sweeps then switch out). After Hatchling dies, it's Immolate, then Conflag which kills it the first time and then one more burn.
Menagerie Custodian vs Fezwick, takes 2 hits using H/P. Keep Fire Spirit in to take the first stun, switch out and zap once, then ion cannon, dead.
I use a Wild Crimson Hatchling v Judgement, Fel Flame v Honky Tonk and a Darkmoon tonk v Fezwick which works every time.
I look at wowhead and use some strat listed. Last nite I used some mech + I forget + clockwork. Only the gnome survived but this is like a Pokemon battle - one left alive = win. I don't even bother putting in a lowbie - those can level elsewhere. Survival is the goal!!

Truly a horrible monkey.
Nexus whelping+fell flame +clockwork gnome.Works well for me .
No pet swapping , i just go all out on them.
I use Onyxian whelpling, Snowman, and the broom. I quit leveling against him awhile ago cause it just wasn't worth the time for me.


tail sweep
heal or tail sweep
liftoff if you're debuffed
tail sweep if the eye's still alive
fight the tonk till the whelp dies

Ice tomb or snow ball if your whelp did a lot of damage
If you ice tombed, he'll swap to the monkey. Eat the stun with the snowman, swap to the broom. If not, kill the tonk and then eat the stun with the snowman

You can sandstorm with the broom to mitigate the stupid banana damage. If you don't sandstorm, batter the crap out of him. If you do sandstorm, wind up and beat his monkey butt.
I use a dragon w/tail whip, an elemental w/...well ele attacks. Then use Warbot to take the monkey
Thanks for the great advice, everyone. I'll definately have to level up my brilliant kaliri and some other mech than fluxfire feline (too bad though, I really think she's neato). I see now that my third pet was hardly optiimal, so I know that I can do better with some effort. At least I have a clue as to what direction I should be heading, so that is much better than before!
I use Onyxian Whelp, Snowman and the Darkmoon Tonk on the monkey. I win every time.
I go with:

Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling (upgraded to rare)
Fel Flame
Darkmoon Tonk

I never have any problems with him.
Infinite Whelp
Snowman/Fel Flame (whoever I like better that day)
Son of Animus

No issues at all.
I was doing this with mid level 20 pets but found that my Ash vipers poison and hiss helped me get through the monkey at the end. I recorded my completion of it :)

Took 10+ tries and it felt so good to see him die :D
I was doing this with mid level 20 pets but found that my Ash vipers poison and hiss helped me get through the monkey at the end. I recorded my completion of it :)

Took 10+ tries and it felt so good to see him die :D

Normally I am suprised when I still see 3 pets being used instead of a pure carry on tamers but that was legit. You are like the rng bad ai poster boy. Well played. Now level some decent pets for him and stop showing off :P

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