Jeremy Feasel and his horrible monkey

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I pretty sure I beat him like every other new team I go against...Onxyia Whelp, Disgusting Oozling and Darkmoon Tonk. I stopped battling him since on my second day I got the eye and said 'that was easy'. =P
Ok. I guess I have to buckle down and get me a darkmoon tonk. Not looking forward to it, since I am not so good at mini-games. That don't involve forcing cute pets to battle one another for my amusement, I mean.
I've been teaching kiddo the basics on pet battling and how to power level lowbies since he now has a lvl 25 pet. He usually plays when I do, but decided to go on his own the other day. Unfortunately, things didn't go as he had hoped.

He later said when telling me about it, "I did what you told me. I started with my low one then switched in my high one."

What tamer was he fighting? Yep, the Darkmoon Tamer as his first solo. Sorry, but I did laugh at the poor kid, though not while he was present. He tried again with me watching and what pets he had, a lvl 21 Nexxus Whelp, lvl 19 Fel Flame, and a lvl 25 DM Tonk. He ALMOST won. I loaned him a couple of my lvl 25s and he finally downed it, which made him extremely happy. Now he's determined to lvl more pets so he'll be ready next time the DMF rolls around...because I took my pets back, :p

The point of the story? Not really one, but I did feel it was worth sharing. At least the kid tried.
The point of the story? Not really one, but I did feel it was worth sharing. At least the kid tried.

A good story, thanks for sharing. All my kid does is skip around on rocks and chat with her friend who plays.
So happy I levelled that superfast rabbit now.

He's like my very own mini deus ex machina.
What super fast rabbit?
I use my Spirit of Competition to take out the eye and can usually get half of the Tonk down. Then I bring out my searing Scorchling to take out the Tonk.

Once his monkey finishes off my Scorchling, I bring out my Darkmoon Tonk, If the monkey is still above 1100hp I use Shock and Awe and then finish it with a Ion Cannon.
What super fast rabbit?

arctic hare, s/s breed.

I believe all the s/s hares/rabbits are the same speed, I was just saying I levelled one of em.
I believe all the s/s hares/rabbits are the same speed, I was just saying I levelled one of em.

Grasslands cottontail has a different stat distribution than all the others on its s/s breed.
Update on little dude and his mission to beat the DMF tamer. Once again, he ventured to the DMF without me even logged into the game or me even knowing what he was doing. He goes up against the tamer...using those same three pets I told him would be best (lvl 21 Nexxus Whelp, lvl 23 Fel Flame and a lvl 25 DM Tonk). It took him three tries, but he beat the DMF tamer with those three pets...which are now 22, 24, and 25. Guess the stuff I'm telling him is sinking in better than I thought. :)
Jeremy Feasel.

there are plenty other way to get him 'stable way' for 2v3. I chose this for easiest pets to obtain etc.

(personally, I don't find him worth 2v3ing due to low exp tho)

Mechanical Pandaren Dragon
Sinister Squashling.

both are easily obtainable from AH / vendor

start up with your mechanical dragon.

use decoy to avoid attack nerf / speed nerf attacks from the eye and spam breathe 3 times to kill the eye.

once eye is dead, feasel will use his tonk.

against his tonk, take out your squashling and do the following combo

stun seed -> leech seed -> poison lash.

unless you get stunned from his shock and awe or gets critted for w/e reason, you are good to go form this point on.

When stun seed explodes, he will always switch his tonk to the back and bring monkey. at this point, tonk will always die from poison lash dot in back row, so no worries there.

When monkey comes, he will take free hit from poison lash and get dotted.

On next turn, take out your lvl 1 pet to soak stun + eligibility for pet exp, then switch to squashling.

unless monkey's banana RNG screws you over, your squashling should be able to get one more attack in before his death. If you can, get a stun seed planted =)

once squashling is dead, take out your mechanical dragon and kill the monkey.

Infinite Whelp + Son of Animus + Carry Pet. I'm sure several other mechanicals would work fine too.
fwiw, yesterday I absolutely trounced him with 3 speed bunnies. Trounced. I had 2 bunnies left.

Try it :)
I use scourged whelpling, minfernal, mini-thor. Have had the whelpling take out the first 2 when I am lucky.
I use Infinite Whepling/Phoenix Hatchling/Kun Lai Runt. Guess Scourged whelping in first could be better but I use it so often that and like to use different pets.
The most stunning part of this thread to me is how many people use three 25s.
I run...

Fel Flame (With the dragon moves and whatever that one that deals extra damage to burning)
Living Sandling (Although any mechanical with decent attack should work)
Tiny Harvester (Although any mechanical with decent attack should work)

Fight almost always goes...

Fel Flame uses Scorched Earth and then spams the breath move.
Eye dies, Fel Flame normally has about 1/3 left, I get an elemental move in then die.
My Sandling kills the Tonk with no problems.
The Monkey comes out and I put up the defensive shield ability.
Monkey's bananas deal almost no damage, I take about half of the monkey's HP.
I kill the monkey when the Harvester comes out.

Sometimes I put a 20+ in the 3rd slot if I am leveling one. as the monkey is rather close to death by the time the 3rd gets out.
The most stunning part of this thread to me is how many people use three 25s.

I'm no pet battle expert by any stretch of the imagination, but the shocking part to me is how many people don't. I obviously have much to learn about synergy between pets, but I took three 25s against Jeremy last night and beat him using a Crimson Lasher, Cogblade Ripper and.... something else I can't remember for the life of me, something with that eye in mind.

I managed to get a blue darkmoon glowfly (or whatever) last night and a common crow in hopes of getting a battlestone to take it to blue in the future, so I figured it was about time to level the pets that haven't been leveled just yet.

Really just posting to say there is a lot more to pet battles than I realized, even though I've done a lot of PvE ones and I have a lot to learn before I start the PvP ones.
My DMF pet team:

Nexus Whelping - Frost Breath, Sear Magic, Wild Magic.
Fel Flame - Flame Breath, Immolate, Conflagrate.
Mini Thor - Missile, Toxic Smoke, Sticky Grenade.

Nexus out of the gate against eye. Wild Magic, Frost Breath until dead. 4 out of 5 times he lives long enough to get Wild Magic on the tank before dying.

Fel Flame up against tank, after Nexus dies. Immolate, Conflagrate, Immolate x 2, dead tank. Fel Flame eats Money stun.

Mini Thor against Money. Sticky Grenade, Toxic smoke, Missile until grenade lands. Win.

Not the best set up, but reliable and easy team to gather. Can replace Mini Thor with any mechanical ability heavy pet, such as clockwork gnome (who can drop turrets and self heal until monkey dies). Hope this was helpful.

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