Crit,Haste,or Mastery?

I'm reforged for haste and mastery but sometimes when I pop burst,I don't think I'm getting the max damage I can do. I seen some rets reforge for crit and wondering how that build would go. Has anyone experimented with going mostly crit?

Noxxic is bad. Read the sticky on the forum here, or on Elitistjerks.

We don't stack haste because of Inquisition

As far as PvE is concerned, mastery and crit have an equal weight for the most part. Use whatever sims higher, personal preference really. I prefer mastery.
My Reforge Best Reforge
As others said, haste and more haste. Crit = mastery, but with the T15 2pc mastery may edge ahead due to holy damage. Plus, it's less RNG to worry about.
So my current reforging is fine but it still seems weird how when I pop my burst on a player,it seems like I should be doing more damage sometimes. Sometimes I'll get huge crits but lately I've been getting some poor damage.
Did no one save Slaidrei stop to think that this was a PvP thread? 'Cause, in PvP, it is common for Rets to stack crit for off-healing and blowing people up.

And, to reiterate what Carbuncle said, Noxxic is bad; you should feel bad for using it, and worse for recommending it.
...Says the noob advocating Noxxic. Accurate and Etched gems? At your item level? Darkmist Vortex may be forgivable if you have absolutely no better trinkets available, but your horrid gemming shows a complete lack of understanding of the needs of the class, especially the Accurate gem when you're so far above the expertise cap.

Please, read the Retribution raiding sticky here and the first post of the Ret thread on Elitist Jerks and try to learn something, okay?
07/09/2013 07:12 PMPosted by Ðanté
noxxic Is a great site your a bad pally and don't give your bad advice here ever again.

I'm almost positive that every single time I've ever looked to noxxic for advice in terms of gearing or speccing for PvP, it's been 100% wrong. I gave up on that site a long time ago.

Maybe it gives good advice for PvE though, I honestly wouldn't know. But like I said, for PvP, My Reforge Best Reforge. 15.5% haste, 15.25% crit, 22% mastery. Holla
07/09/2013 07:37 PMPosted by Slaidrei
Maybe it gives good advice for PvE though

It doesn't. Every time I have ever looked, it's been wrong - or, at best, so horribly out-dated as to be incorrect anyway.
Rule of thumb has been Haste for PvE, Crit for utilitarian goodness and face smashing in PvP.

And every time someone recommends Noxxic, a kitten dies.
Haste > Crit ~ Mastery

You can check your weights from a simcraft and adjust accordingly.
07/10/2013 05:20 PMPosted by Ðanté
my trinkets are just fine

Unless you've not seen a Lei Shen's Final Orders, can't afford a Relic of Xuen, or haven't seen anything else out of LFR ToT, yes, your trinkets are fine. But Darkmist Vortex is an abysmal trinket mostly due to the long ICD that doesn't match well with CDs.

07/10/2013 05:20 PMPosted by Ðanté
my gems are to fill in a small amount of hit and expertise to hit the amount I need instead of trying to reforge a lot of 1 stat into too much hit or expertise.

You put an orange gem in a yellow socket when you could have put the orange gem in a red socket to pick up more haste, since you are clearly gemming with a haste-bias. Any of a number of reforging sources exist to help take the necessary mental effort out of precisely calculating reforges to maximize stat conversions and distributions without resorting to wasting gem itemizations - such as expertise where you could get strength.

In other words, you fail. Horribly

Also, my second Paladin; I know what I'm talking about.
07/10/2013 05:20 PMPosted by Ðanté
sorry if I cant take you seriously mr lvl 21 ret pally

And yet he's pretty much right. Noxxic used to be the most awful site you could ever send anybody to.

I had a quick look through the Ret PvE guide and for the most part it seems OK - at least doesn't seem to be giving completely wrong information as it used it. It does get the DPS priority order a bit wrong though (at least given the damage I see) .. that's really the only thing that really stood out for me .. but as I said, it was a quick look. I'm at work and should be working. :)
07/10/2013 05:37 PMPosted by Muletia
It does get the DPS priority order a bit wrong though (at least given the damage I see)

It's also concrete on stat priorities, which is completely unrealistic; I was crit > mastery last week before my cloak, I think, but the extra strength and other upgrades I got last week pushed mastery back up a touch.

Most disturbing thing I saw, though, was that they've recently(ish) copied my build - the build I've been using the entire expansion. I'm pretty sure they used to recommend PoJ, SS, and maybe US in place of Long Arm, SH, and Clemency.

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