[H]<Intuition> 2/13HM 10m Recruiting ToT +5.4

<Intuition> Is a newly formed 10man Horde (Frostmourne) team made up of mature players that offers a friendly raiding environment.

We are currently recruiting reliable and dedicated players to join our core team to continue our progression (5/13HM) for Throne of Thunder and the up coming 5.4 patch.

We are seeking the following;


Hunter (HIGH)

Warlock (HIGH)

Shammy (HIGH)


Shammy (HIGH)

Priest (HIGH)

We will consider any expectational players for classes not mentioned above.

Raid days and times are Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday, 7pm - 10pm ST (AEST)

Please [b]contact Bozxo (Boz#6468) or myself
in game or leave a reply on here if you're interested :)

~ Xil xoxo
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Hey there, Just thought i'd throw myself in even though I am aware you aren't looking for my role. I am a Ret pally with decent Cata heroic experience 8/8 HM DS at 15% nerf is my best accomplishment. If you guys would want me and be willing to gear me up I am more than interested in joining for 5.4!
In game mail sent to Vozmezdie
I'd like to put my name down. 512 Rogue, Jin'rokh down, and done multiple ToES clears. Only small progress due to being in guilds that really didn't bother doing PvE properly. And being away from the game for 3 months due to boredom.

I know my class fairly well, have knowledge of most of the ToT fights(can re-learn very quickly).
I have vent and TS, as well.

Would love to start raiding properly, and end my boredom with the game. =]

Contact whenever you feel like it, I'm online most of the day. :D

Edit: Forgot to put my battle.tag down Th3NoT3#1479
3/13 HM

HM Horridon killed tonight
In game reply send to Vivectus
Are you guys still after people? I would be interested in joining on my mage. I have extensive raid experience spanning every expansion since vanilla.

I added both of you in game and I'll keep an eye on this thread.
In game mail sent to Frostycles

HM Council of Elders killed tonight.

4/13 HM
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