crit gemming for retri

so could it be viable to just gem strength and crit, ignoring the socket bonuses and reforge everything that doesnt have crit to crit? i just see alot of duelists gemming differently then me, ignoring socket bonuses and pvp power.
I go for crit and haste thresholds. I like having at least 25% (1/4 attakcs and heals) crit with inquisition up. If I can't reach the next haste threshold for an extra attack, I go crit.

There are good arguments for emphasizing either. Maybe you'd like faster acquisition of procs from a tad more haste. Maybe you'd like more crits to emphasize the damage you get when you have up-time, and more frequent crit heals. As long as you go right by strength, you'll probably be fine either way.

Haste is more meaningful the more of it you have. Crit's valuable in thresholds, although certain thresholds are statistically amazing to have. Since ret comps are rush-down comps, I'd think crit is preferable (more damage sooner if things go well), but haste isn't bad either.

In terms of ignoring socket bonuses, STR is our most valuable dps stat. It's okay to skip a bonus that gives PvP Power, but STR bonuses aren't good to skip.
I've been trying out just using crit gems for fun. With Inq up I'm around 30% to crit. I just play in random BGs and do 2v2 arenas sometimes. It's ok, and basically in 2v2 arenas if you can manage to crit as much as possible during wings it's nice. It doesn't feel as amazing as having a high crit rate during Vanilla when it was needed to maintain vengeance uptime.

It doesn't seem all that different than when I was at 20% to crit (with Inq up) which was my number before stacking crit.

I think the next thing I want to try is getting the T15 set 4 piece bonus and stacking mastery. I'm hoping to find something to make my burst even bursty'er. :)
Stacking crit? just no....
Stacking crit? just no....

I like to try different builds/stats for fun. I get kind of bored just stacking whatever people think is best. Plus it's fun to look for edge cases that are broken (or viable) that shouldn't be. I had a lot of fun with 2H prot during Cata. :)

I just recently started playing my ret pally, but it was my impression that crit is such garbage, and haste is godlike, for prot likewise. I understand you like to switch things up, but really gemming for crit will just make you look bad for paladins.
Crit is awesome - helps with attacks AND heals. But stacking mastery is also pretty fun - you hit like a truck.
Pretty sure haste is the way to go, even for pvp because it allows you generate much higher hp generation, and while Wings are up, allows you to really spew out hammers like its nobodies business. It also allows you a fighting chance of getting a heal off without selfless healer procs, or holy power pooled.

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