Celestial Blessings: Healer

Moon Guard
Dang what a major pain in the back side that quest was. Couple dozen fails later though and got it done!

Definitely have to have the correct talents and glyphs for that fight and the most important thing ya need.... Patience!

'Mess up' just one iota or get anxious at all and... FAIL!

Be prepared for a very mobile fight and a very long fight too.
One. Runestone.

It didn't feel too difficult for me, just one shot it, it was fun though. I really like that the way they did this and the Thunderforge quest, letting healers heal to complete the quest (Which makes me look forward to proving grounds).
The caster dps version is another matter >>

Especially for an Arcane mage.

I swear, Blizzard hates us.

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