LF Shaman for Challenge Modes

We're looking for 1 elem. Shaman to join our group for challenge modes. We have a Blood DK (Vareth) myself (disc) for heals, a ret pali and a lock.

We are in the pacific time zone looking to do 1-2 nights per week. Due to work schedules, we are looking at fluctuating times.

We have our own mumble server, so communication is not an issue, though you must have a mic.

You must supply your own flasks, food and potions, a calm attitude and some dedication.

If you have any questions you can whisper myself or Vareth in-game.
If you want I'd join you as azazal dps destro/aff 532 ilvl warlock. I know gear scales down I also have old darkmoon trinket in bank for heroic challenges. 314-882-9445 JSumner#1686
come out, come out shamans!
Might be too late but im interested though never done CM modes before am wanting to learn if you are my btag is crispylips#1310

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