A better battlegrounds system

it seems like in bgs theres nothing but either you smash or get smashed. theres never really a close game. blizz needs to put same ilvl players in the bgs or have a battle ground match making rating so that you arent the only good player in a game. Just a suggestion. opinions?
Sounds good on paper, but you have to balance that with bg wait times. This would surely include the queue times. On horde (I play both horde and alliance on a few realms), the wait time's already 4+ minutes for a random bg.

I think the role balance feature was a good attempt, but they had to take that out of the game temporarily because there was a bug that caused insanely long queue times for some people.
This would open up endgame twinning. People could make bis sets in certain iLvls allowing them to farm fresh 90s before they have a chance to get any gear at all. This would mean teams of fresh 90s running into people with lvl10 boots / belt / gloves to lower iLvl but still using tyrannical weapons. The system would be too easy to abuse.
Interesting forum choice to discuss bg's

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