LF Raiding Guild

Im looking to join a guild, want to raid every week in week days, pref between 15:00 and 21:00.
You can check my exp here
My main language is spanish but i read english very good and can listen acceptably
I use mumble and vent for raid
BM Hunter 522 with plenty of experience in LFR and randoms, few experience in normal but that is what i want to fix =)
I always want to do old stuff, hs, missions, etc with tribe mates, I play since december 2012 and theres a lot of things that are new to me and i been online lots of hours at day
Please mail me ingame @yoyreivaxyoy with days and hours of raid (any panda pref ToT)
I dont need a guild leader that insult or blame for any mistakes in a raid, I play for fun not to gain stress
Thx for read =D
Remember, early times for raiding, not at late night >.>
Looking for guild

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