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So, with the recent release of the Oceanic servers for League of Legends there have been alot more then usual posts in regards to the Oceanic Community wanting Blizzard to come out with an official Oceanic Server.

Now alot of things that have been said are why you want them. Some of you range from 200 on a good day to 800-8000 latency on a bad day. With our home latency generally sitting on around 100-150 everyday. With the Oceanic servers of LoL most if not all sit anywhere between 20-100 ping each game that you play.

However, no-one has thought of or introduced how this could affect the Oceanic communties game play if Blizzard were to come out with our very own servers so this is the post for it.

One thing that comes into my mind is LFD/BG/LFR Queues. Now currently we share our battlegroups with actual American players which lowers it quite drastically. Would people be willing to see current queues jump from 30-60mins currently for a DPS queue up to between a 1-2 hour Q time.

Another is the logistical issues we would have to deal with aswell, as we all saw with LoL we had to repatch our clients for the Oceanic servers once we did our transfers which in term would mean would blizzard not need to do this for our very own servers aswell? and if so with an average house hold that isn't currently on the NBN ranging between a 1-2mbp/s speed we would have to spend hours redownloading the patches and such if we were able to get such servers up?

Next, we have the current spectrum of hard copies of the game in the australian market currently waiting to be sold to the public in stores such as EB, Target, Big W, etc... Blizzard would next need to recall all these copies and have them shipped back to their base and then have them redistributed to other countries/states in order to sell these, and don't forget having to mass produce and sell into the Oceanic economy in order to get this. Alot of people who are using LoL currently as an excuse as to why we should (and are demanding for) oceanic servers are forgetting that LoL in itself is a very small downloadable game that can be finished within 10-20 minutes from fresh.

I currently can't think of anything else right now at this point of time, but I personally would love to see Oceanic servers up and would love to see Blizzard implement this even if not within this expansion but sometime within the next expansion as a latest date? With NBN rolling out around the country they can't say we have the worst internet to be able to do it. But it comes down to logistical problems that need to be sorted out first.

I also believe that if we have enough players/forum posters posting on 1 direct thread (maybe even request for this to be stickied?) we could eventually get an official Blizzard poster saying "yes we are looking into doing this" or a "no unfortunetly we don't see this as being something we could do in a short term"

With this though, although majority of us are Aus/NZ based. Please remember guys that the oceanic community is also currently shared within the Singaporean guilds and other Asian communities (maybe even India i dont know)

But please remember the more we keep a post up and have people reading it/adding in their own points and the pages get bigger and bigger we could eventually see an official blue post stating something none of us have seen before!

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