Prot, SoT or SoR

without a doubt even a minimal amount of theory crafting will show that you take as much damage if not more over the course of a fight, that damage isn't as smooth, and your dps is severely gimped.

Actually, he probably takes less. Avoidance builds are meant to be the best at TDR. Which is completely, 100% meaningless since spike kills tanks.

07/09/2013 09:11 PMPosted by Benemus
If it's successful, then what's the problem again?

With a Haste build, at least you'd contribute to more DPS to kill things faster. And you'd stress the healers less, maybe letting them also contribute to DPS. Let's face it, LFR is not a measure of success in the sense any Plate DPS could tank it successfully in a DPS spec with DPS gear.

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