[A] <Honestly> Selling T15 Bosses

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<Honestly> are considering sales for Heroic Throne of Thunder kills and clears.

We are prepared to offer full clears or individual bosses for you to pick and choose.

All T15 Bosses are for sale.

Loot that is not needed by Mains is also available if agreed upon.

Prices are negotiable and also the loot each boss drops.

Bundle prices for package deals and full clears are negotiable.

You are not required to be able to contribute to the fight, but are welcome to be included in the encounter if you think you can stay alive.

For more information please message, mail or post @ Dorfie, Peterfiles or Zij.
bump! open spot this week!
Guaranteed 10% lower than Kill it Please prices!!
wts raden 50g
wts raden 45g
Are you guys able to sell normal runs? and would you be able to do 20% off kill it please?
BUMP!! Cheapest ON FROSTMOURNE! We'll beat any price!!!
Gl with Salesssssss
Good luck selling any bosses with xterm
Good luck selling any bosses with xterm

Shots fired
Well, after seeing a Someone spamming trade selling runs etc for H ToT i decided to think about it for a bit, and so i started farming hard for the gold well for at least 50k for one particular kill Horridon for a chance at the Haste trinket, after a week i decided to pst one of the members from Honestly about it and was then refered to my guess an officer.

He said spot was open tonight i was like great and told him I was only after the trinket, showed up did the kill and would you believe it the trinket dropped and to my astonishment it was given to the tank.....

i had not read this forum post nor the Rogue spamming trade or anyone else stated that loot would not be included if someone needed it....... shafted out of my money,

I would not HONESTLY recommend these guys.

Edit: someone
Should have gone with Kill it Please, more positive outcomes and most likely greater communication and care towards the buyer than Honestly! The truth be told the trinket was given to a core raiders ALT effectively I paid to gear up a core raiders ALT! Both of which are tanks, which begs me to ask why run paid runs for people with toons that need gear when ALTS still need gear, isn't that what ALT runs are for and not paying customer runs!

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