What were the best comps from past seasons?

Im mainly trying to think back to the early seasons when pvp was actually fun. I semi remember certain ones but I could be wrong. What were the best 2s and 3s comps from previous seasons?

S1: resto and rogue?
S2: resto and SL/SL?
S3: resto and arms?
S4: ?
S5: TSG for 3s cant remember 2s
Comp strength definitely overlapped, and my memory isn't perfect, but in BC:

S1-S4: war/druid (mace stuns) and war/rsham (sword specced and random windfury procs);
S2-4: SL/SL (siphon life, soul link) warlocks + druid;
S4: 4p/4p (4 pieces of T6, 4 pieces of pvp gear) rogue + druid;

In 3s, comps such as WLD, RLD, and RMP were strong.

There were a lot of gimmicks in those early seasons (just like nowadays) such as random mace stuns (warriors and rogues), windfury totem procs, mana drain abilities (drain mana from locks, mana burn from priests, viper string from hunters), and pve gear (4p/4p rogues, especially with glaives, were insane in S3/4). In BC just like now, arena was unbalanced.
yea warriors with Stunheralds were pretty decent during TBC
Most is hazey, but I recall all through wrath being dominated by prot specs.

Prot/holy hybrid pallies where literally unkillable if they had appropriate gear & would never oom w/ neverending FoL spam

Every DK spec had tanking capabilities (Blood was also a dps spec)

African Turtle was born

Guardian was still tied to feral (and moreso than cata) and ferals where perpetually unkillable in bearform.

DPS where forced to play Magic damage or Armor Pen specs to compete, afaik
S8: MLD/L S D/ double healer warrior. The top comp changed quite often, but there was a variety
S9: TSG/shadowplay/shatterplay
S10: MLS/MLD (hard to tell since mmr reset prevented any teams from climbing)
S11: RLS
S12: KFC
s1-s4 rogue/mage for 2s pretty much dominated as well as rmp for 3s

i also remember when mages had amplify/dampen magic

you could also run resto druid/disc priest/hunter for 3s. all you did was mana drain the healer and since it was 2 healers u were p much unstoppable
funny. I actually was thinking this tonight. Funny how the big complaint or 'fix' was to remove the mace stun...but look at the state of stuns at the moment.

Blizzard 'fixed' it and removed the stuns, but..but...um. >.> <.< o.O

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