Bigmoran 3.5 | Resto Druid PvP | TR

NOTE: Video annotations are in bottom left of screen.

Hey guys and girls, this is my fourth installment of the Bigmoran series. It's a short video, which is why I decided to "Neilyo" it with the half number. I haven't really been playing arena lately; I've mainly been focusing on leveling another mage and twinking a 19 druid. The clips shown in the video are from one night of queing on the tournament realm. Anywho, I hope you find something to enjoy in this and I look forward to fighting you all in arena!
SONG: The Two Friends - Your Song (SirensCeol Remix)

All other subsequent information, such as a full list of my characters, my YouTube channel, and my donation button, can be found on my stream page.
I watched your video, so that must mean we're friends now.

which is good bc i have no friends on tich sooooooo

10/10. good music good quality good gameplay. good job.

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