Fighting a BM hunter?

This isn't a QQ thread nor is it a Ret suxxors thread either. But seriously how do you fight those guys? Never had a problem with them until recently and they just seem extremely strong. Pump tons of damage into me without stopping and when i get near to actually do something they deter. It feels like they have thier cds popped 24/7. Advice? all of its appreciated in advance.
Don't be afraid to let them sit in stuns or blinds and then bubble right after, you just want to wait their double CDs out.
Bubble has a hefty cooldown and while your strategy is valid, most of the time i wont have it up when a hunter shows up. In arenas that tactic could work but in bgs when half the team are rolling bm hunters now adays i need to know a weakness they have or something.
Their big weakness is most of them have no idea they can shoot through or dispel bop.
Lol if only i could attack through it besides exorcism and not get forbearance it would be a walk in the park.
SW and throw hammers at them - don't forget to bubble early and use gaurdian. Seal of justice doesn't hurt either.
Save bubble and blind for zoo.
I actually agree with your experience. BMs are a challenge. ::SIGH::

Your best chance is to become friends with a dev - ply them with liquor - take compromising pictures of them with penguins and midgets - threaten to show pics to significant others / parents - ::POOF:: BMS nerfed next patch / expansion.
Not much you can do I'm afraid. I spent ages dueling my brother who plays a hunter and its pretty much down to this. >> If they get the opener they win, and by opener I mean stealthed and they attack first. Which is every duel with a hunter.

I tried many different tactics, Blind on the zoo, healing while deterrence is up, attacking the pet, bop, bubble, burst at various times when his CDs were down but in the end, they have far more defensive utility and range on us.

One thing I didn't try was speccing SW and Hammering every 3 seconds for 30 seconds. This could work?
PALLY VS HUNTER GUIDE (A Pallies Retribution against Hunters)

Hello, first let's get something out of the way. Hunters are strong with stuns and binds, and use their binds to take foes on, as it is their only way they can place the "Hurt" on them.

Let's go over the sterotypical Hunter workings. Stun, Stun, Stun, Trap, stun, stun, stun. Place beasts anywhere between that. Hunters rely alot on you running away, and a lot on their beasts dps. To win, when they pop their beasts, just have dazing light ready so you can daze them all. When they snare you, use your freedom spell "Not sure what it's called". You could either spam Emancipate, or take on hand of freedom to get through their stuns. When you get to them, go around them for the ice trap not to land, and stun and slow. This way you have them prime for major dps now, and some time to watch them limp if they survived your first barrage of attacks. Remember that burst matters alot, and pallies are suited for this 100%. Also, when you are getting holy light, and you are low on health. Feel free to start using your abilities that allow you to heal. As long as they are in striking range, and thier slow is renewed, they aren't going anywhere.
WTH did i read?
Hammer stun immediately. They will probably trinket it. You want to be able to get them in a full hammer stun 30 seconds later.

Blind the stampede. Self heal often.

Run at them constantly (duh).
Pop your GoAK, wait 10 seconds for strength to stack up.
Pop Wings/Holy Avenger, spam Word of Glory on yourself while these two abilities are active (assuming you're taking heavy damage, which you probably are).
Holy Prism yourself. Not near Blinded stampede packs, though.
Selfless Healer Flash of Light on 3 stacks ASAP, so prioritize Judgement for both Long Arm of the Law and the instant self heal.

Their stampede will fade, you will still be alive. You can hammer stun, just wait out deterrences by hard casting on yourself, or swap to pet to build up more Selfless Healer stacks.

If they try to line up Powershot/Trap, consider ruining it with pre-emptive Divine Shield rather than as a reaction to low health.

Save trinket for a stun when you need to heal.
Keep up Blessing of Freedom, if they try to Tranq shot it off, that's one less Arcane Shot you're eating to the face.

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