535 Fury Warrior LF heroic raiding guild

Im 2/13 heroic LF a guild thats starting on heroics or in heroic ToT. Im very experienced in raiding and in my class. currently looking to go through heroics to get prepared for 5.4 content
my battletag is Goater#1939
We're currently 10/13 hm raid sunday-wen 10pm-1am eastern for the long forum post of the guild
Hello, and welcome to reading my post on "Sated". We are a guild which has been here only a short time of a few months but our progression is coming along nicely while not being "too hardcore". We offer members a mild step between "casual" and "hardcore" a moderate raiding experience. This said if your a casual raider your still welcome we do sometimes sit people though for progression runs if we need to till we get the heroic mode down etc. Lots of opportunity in Sated for growth, family, and friends. How about I answer some questions with the facts:

Guild: Sated
Faction: Horde
Guild Level: 25

Raid Times, and Days:

Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday 8:30-11:30pm EST/ST

3/13 H 12/12 N ToT
Older content as well progressed. 6/6 MSV H etc

Currently we are recruiting DPS, and Healers for our main 25 man raid group. ilvl req starts at min. 500+ilvl and we'd prefer more rather than less experience.

Contact for recruitment:

Also can contact other officers:
Paese, Kharnak, etc.

(You can also just drop an application at our website)

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