Seal of Justice: Bake it in?

With the upcoming loss of Burden of Guilt, I'm wondering if baking in Seal of Justice for protection (and... holy?) paladins is too much of a stretch. Without Burden of Guilt, prot loses further utility, and I rather enjoyed slowing things for teammates, whether kiting in PvE, or trying to be useful in PvP.

It's a simple win-win I imagine. It doesn't 'bloat' actionbars, adds utility, and shouldn't outrageously imbalance anything.

~A prot pvp advocate.
Burden of Guilt should have been baseline since forever.

Same with Seal of justice, it could have been reworked to be baseline awhile ago.
Maybe they should make BoG like Divine Purpose, but baseline. Abilities that cost Holy Power have a 25% chance to cause the BoG effect. Or at least something similar to it.

If that was they case you may have to re-design SoJ though.
As this has fallen a ways, I'd just like to pick it up and see if anyone else agrees/disagrees!
I'd like to see the seals gone, and all of the things they did baked in. As holy, I don't even have the seals showing on my interface anymore.

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