LF guild...uhh people actually do this?

Been on Thunderlord since release, server died years ago. All my friends quit, transferred, my girl and I just went through a move to a new city and have been working a lot so WoW fell off the radar since December. I have a bunch of raid history, server firsts, etc. on a handful of toons. 100k hk's, conq title, etc. all before patch releases. To be honest feels weird to post such a thing since all of my WoW "life" I've just been playing with people and made my way in and out of guilds..

Anyways, being so long since I've played my gears outdated...I'm honestly looking for good players to play with and get to know on this server. Not even sure if I want to return to the game but hoping to relight the spark if I can find some cool players to hang with. All my friends quit, transferred. I'm a good player and if you play with me I can prove it - Hopefully some of you guys know how it feels to come back to the game and having no one to play with, maybe you can relate. It sucks lol. Maybe not.

Anyways, reply here or something or mail me in-game. I have every class I can choose from if you guys care. They'll all need gear, some may need levels...

mm, thanks...

Michael. :)
<fat nubs>
Hey ryurik. I'm currently leading a guild that is level 21 and Looking for a good tank or healer for ToT progression everyone in the group is relatively geared. However my only requirements are that raiders are on time for raids and able to perform well in their role. I would be glad to have you join if your interested. If you would like to know more or would like an invite let me know my btag is jon#1132 if you want to add me great i am on almost all day every day and if I am not then one of the officers will likely be on. Anywho hope to hear from ya I had this same problem a while back haha.

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