Am I a bad feral?

ns and hotw are simply better choices for feral, it's really clear. Hotw 6% extra stat, gives you higher dps, and stam 24/7 with amazing healing on cd, that also helps your teammates, combine that with ns, its just the best, and 3s usually dont last long. So that ns heal is going to be better in general. Also ns can be used on clones and hibernates/roots.

Natures vigil is useless for healing and dmg increase and it isnt that high compared to 24/7 hotw.

Also combining renewal and might of ursoc is just a waste of cds.

I dont really see a situation where your talents would be better.

TL;TR: hotw/ns are just way more beneficial to your team, and can be used to cc as well, where renewal isnt really better for self survivability.

It doesnt make a bad druid, but your talent choices arent the best, just play with what you like though, theres no point for you in speccing into ns/hotw if you dont know how they can be used, and if you dont see the point.

Going with whats most effective is the best, lots of people follow good players, spec into stuff, w/o knowing why they do it.
What I've found from interacting with a lot of players is that the ones who are truly confident in their abilities are more likely to try and help out newer players than rag on them. I've played with people who advertised "2200 exp" in trade chat and then you get them in skype and they're not adding any important information, they're running behind pillars with AMS/cloak down, its clear they're not reading the enemy's casts as they come up, you say something like "Hex coming out, I can't get" and two seconds later they say something like, "I'm hex'd, getgetget!" You just facepalm.

When they lose they rage quit and when they win they talk !@#$. It gets old. Don't give these people a second thought.

On the OTHER hand, I've played with people who literally guide the team to success, they remain calm, they help the team to coordinate cool downs, the act in a supportive way. Play with those people, ditch the negative ones.

Also combining renewal and might of ursoc is just a waste of cds.

I dont really see a situation where your talents would be better. .

whilest it is not the orthodox way, i must disagree that you saying its a waste of cds, especially if you mostly play double dps in 2s.

with the burst the way it is, how fast certain matches are, and the fact you can glyph with ursoc glyph for a HUGE heal while silenced, is hilarious! a lay on hands on top of the PS proc heals with HOTW .

but certainly i see the argument for NS but with us losing that now anyway.. im not liking how ysera looks personally.

no wrong or right answer imo :)
Okay. Lets get this stuff straight. In no way did i say his talents were wrong. I beat him in a duel once, and we dueled again. I never complained about the loss, i just stated that heart of the wild was on CD. But honestly when it comes down to it duels dont mean anything. Say what you want about me, i was just telling him what talents would be better for ferals. I also do not understand how using hibernate is "cheap". I was not the only one telling him to change his spec. A multi 2400 war named guccisaurusx (something like that) was telling him to change talents also. The whole reason this ever started is because he asked me if he was capable of 2200. Anyone is capable of rating, you just need the right glyphs/talents. I never insulted him, hes just trying to make me look like somethint i am not.
ferals quickly went from a skillful class to a skillless scum spec.

story time:


resto druid retardedly runs to the other los as the feral, unstealthed

run over to sap, meanwhile mage friend pet novas the feral. sap the resto, (hes on the other side of the map)


then run over to help kill feral
feral at >5%
pops some defensives and ursoc, no big deal 25%
meanwhile resto druid uses sprint , i blind him when he arrives but trinket, and tree form 1 heal to 100%. 1 heal.

the feral then kills us both

Complaining about losing to a double druid team in 2's.........don't even understand.
Right, so basically you are acting like a douchebag in-game, and like a completely different person out of game to make yourself look innocent.

Automatically stating all of these people are 1500..they aren't. This has gone out of proportion and you could have just let it go. This thread was NOT about you, I did not mention your name in the original post till someone asked.
I did not mention your name in the original post till someone asked.
Doesn't matter, call outs aren't allowed on the forums.
Both parties are in the wrong here. OP should have never made the thread, as it accomplishes nothing but him hoping for reassurance, which he doesn't need because the accusations are being thrown at him from one of the many elitist #^%@$ that plague this game and others.
cupcakes anyone?
Whaleform by the way, I beat you in arenas today :)
Today a 2400 player told me ill never be anything but 1750 trash

so you never said this Snooplionx?
Hello. Im from sargeras. Im a casual player, I got to work, come home, and play WoW. I have full tyr. All gemmed, enchanted, and reforged properly. I have the right keybinds. I can solo anyone (Even warlocks), in bg's. Without popping all my defensives like an idiot, or popping my oneshot macro just to win. Here is the issue. I PREFER to have natures vigil, and renewal. Is there a problem with me liking the offhealing that is very nice with natures vigil, and the damage boost? And why is an instant 220k+ health with might of ursoc wrong with renewal? Today a 2400 player told me ill never be anything but 1750 trash. I just don't get it, am I honestly bad at the game for my talent choices? This game doesn't have to be so cookie cutter..I want to have CHOICE with what I choose.

Eh... don't be ashamed... Correct me if I'm wrong but I haven't met a current season 2400 player that has a MD or earns a 6 figure salary. Too many I met seems to play 24/7.
Nothing can be cute and bad, it's simple laws of physics. Ferals are fluffy and things that are fluffy are cute, therefore no feral is bad.
This is getting way too out of hand.
No, i said with his spec he would never be any higher than 1750.
You're all bad, muhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha, said, no one ever.

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