Any late night/early morning raiding guilds?

LF a guild to raid with around 12am server time or warly morning like 8am or really whenever in the morning
Resto shaman ilvl 500 with tot experience
Bumping this as I'm also looking for a late-night (11pm/12am start) raiding guild. Do any exist Horde-side on this server?
Vae Victae Starts at 11:00pm EST/ST and goes till 2 am EST/ST 12/12 N 25 man raiding guild. currently working on heroic modes. If your interested welcome to contact officer in game or go read up a little, and then e-mail your app to 314-882-9445 is also a contact #
Kharma also runs from 11:00 PM server to 3:00 AM server and is need of a tank and a dps. We're 1/13H and moving on. Add my battletag Korasu#1611 for more info.

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