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WARSONG CLAN - is recruiting all level 90s that want to participate in some very fun activities being held within our guild! We schedule daily RBGs, Arenas, World PVP, Tournaments, Random Battlegrounds, and more!


Warsong Clan is a PVP oriented guild focused on bringing a mature environment. The WSC is very family oriented. We treat each other as a close family. We're a wolf pack. You live with the clan, you die with the clan. I learned that if guild members are not treated like valued members, then the purpose of the guild shouldn't even exist. We have brought players from around the world to transfer over to Kil'jaeden and join our guild, solely by the fact that I take the time to explain our guild to them and provide key aspects of the guild that will peak their interest. We encourage everyone who meets the requirements to join our guild.


The mission is to provide a fun environment for players to socialize and PVP without the competitiveness. Our goal is to create what a guild should essentially be, a guild. A place for players to interact with each other and have a darn good time. On a daily basis, WSC runs RBGs, Arenas, World PVP, and very consistent Battleground groups! It is the unique quality that keeps this guild alive. My philosophy is that if you are not having fun, then you are not going to be happy and successful in this game.


In order to join the Warsong Clan, you need to be level 90. Warsong Clan has a sister guild called <Warsong Offensive> for low level players. <Warsong Offensive> is a leveling guild for players to get the opportunity to reach level 90 and join the Warsong Clan.


To keep the guild intact, the wolf pack (as we so call it), votes on important decisions that make it strongly democratic. Every Saturday, the Warchief and his Warlords hold a meeting to discuss our progress, promotions, and anything that we need to improve on as a clan. Voting will be used on making decisions that will involve the higher ups. We do this because if one person makes the decision without the opinion of his peers, it ends up causing one big catastrophe. And players start disagreeing with each other because it wasn't voted fairly. We believe in giving everyone the benefit of the doubt and improving themselves after making a mistake.


Warsong Clan has a zero tolerance policy on immature behavior. Most of our guild members are consisted of young adults to adults. Being mature means to take responsibility for your actions, contributing in a positive way to the guild, supporting yourself (versus sponging off of your guild members so much) and understanding the meaning of appropriate. We have rules and standards to ensure that guild chat is appropriate and relevant to the game. Irrelevant topics are okay in guild chat, as long as you are being appropriate and not using offensive language. We respect everyone and their right to freedom of speech, until it offends another person.


We have grown a substantial amount of players in the Oceanic realms that transferred. We have a fantastic community expanding all the way out to Australia, UK, New Zealand, and more! Our Oceanic players is what keeps the guild active during the night time. We do a lot of World PVP during the day and night. This includes occasional city raids, vendors, shrine, goldshire, mage tower, etc. World PVP is about fun. We encourage players to understand that World PVP is about fun and excitement. You should never let competitiveness get in the way of having fun with your friends in the guild.


Warsong Clan has a developmental and developed rated battleground department. According to the third party website Guildox, http://www.guildox.com/wow/guild/us/Kil%27jaeden/Warsong+Clan, we are #1 in the Kil'jaeden server and #1 in the US (subject to change). Because of our activity in rated battlegrounds every day, we have worked our way to the top by transitioning our players from 0-1500. We are now pushing our 1500-2200 teams. Our guild is intended to both educate new players and push our current players to the top in rating. Leaders of the developmental rated battlegrounds, are the ones that will put you through a crash course, understand your surroundings in each map, and help you better understand the strategies used in rated battlegrounds. When all of the players in the developmental rated battlegrounds reach 1500, they get successfully transitioned to the developed rated battlegrounds with several end-game leaders. This process is to help new players get the chance to be part of this amazing community. If anyone is interested in doing rated battlegrounds, feel free to leave the GM or any of the Officers a message in-game.
I make portals, and get killed in GS. Then I QQ about it. :(
It's quite impressive you have players with a 2953 rating, and less than 50 RBG's played.

Of course, your top player is over 3300. That must have taken really skill.

I assume you don't stand by these players who paid for their rating?
war war warmane what up whats happenin how the fam doin
How can i get into your exclusive 3500+ rbg group?
Stolen from another guild. If my memory serves correctly you held a meeting with that said guild and asked the GM how he handled drama. LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL

Nothing to see here just another person claiming fame through easy mode.

Yes and they must of stole the idea from the Egyptian Revolution because democracy is that new.

In order to join the Warsong Clan, you need to be level 90. Warsong Clan has a sister guild called <Warsong Offensive> for low level players. <Warsong Offensive> is a leveling guild for players to get the opportunity to reach level 90 and join the Warsong Clan.

Copying Requiem again it must be nice to use other players guild ideas.

indeed Cause Requiem was the first guild to do it obviously

Again the guild recruitment is an amazing thing. I love how you spiked to 900 members within a month of reopening your failed guild.

more to the point word of mouth is a better thing As for i was told about the guild and decided to check it out and Enjoyed The Community That much that i myself told those i know and told them about the guild and now they too are enjoying the community which is great, because really its the community that makes the guild what it is.
Questina is my favorite lock on KJ

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