5.4 Legendary Cloak for disc priest

Someone may have already started this thread but I didn't see it. I am concerned over the proc of the 5.4 legendary cloak. As a disc priest, I am not constantly targeting the tank or anyone else for that matter. My target is normally always set to the boss. Not to mention using a mouse-over heal mod so I don't have to target a raid member in order to heal them directly. The proc states: "Your healing spells also grant the target the Spirit of Chi-ji, which heals the target for 3% of their missing health, every 1 sec, for 3 sec" - This proc would not really be optimal for disc priests, especially while attonement healing. Any thoughts on this?
One would assume that the cloak is going to proc off of atonement healing via smites holy fires/solace and penance casts and that whoever your smart heal hits is going to get the benefit of the proc. the bigger question is going to be whether or not shields on targets that are not at full health are considered a heal and whether or not heals during Spirit Shell will be considered heals. Also we have to see if it procs from direct heals only hots every tick of a hot ect. There's just to many unknown variables currently.

As of right now though there isn't a point in worrying about it because one we can't test them out yet and 2 we don't know how the proc is going to work whether there's internal CDs rppm ect.
What the what? What did I just read?

The target of the spell is the target the spell hits, not your target. If you cast a heal spell at someone via mouseover or targettarget, the target of that spell is the mouseover or the target's target.

It will almost definitely also proc off atonement.
I would assume that it'll follow exactly the same rules as the LMG; no proc from Smite/HF/Solace, but since Penance is a 'healing spell' it'll proc even if used offensively.

On a related note, did that get changed recently for Penance? It seems like the LMG now procs on the last tick of Penance, which is excellent. I developed a habit of using it as the first action on a boss pull so the first tick casts before I'm in combat, that would delay the meta proc a few seconds so I can make better use of it. Used to be only the first tick of Penance that would set off the LMG, now it seems like only the third will do it.

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