Hunter Pet Buffs?

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ok so ive been reading about hunter pets as im new to the game. So cat brings str/agi buff. Wolf brings crit. heres my question. when i use roar of courage on my cat (humar the pridelord) he gives me a mastery buff?? is that something to do with humar? orr? please help.
Cats used to give an agility buff but that was changed in a recent patch (I don't remember exactly which one it was) and they now give mastery. A complete list of buffs can be found here:
would everyone agree turtles have the most armor?
would everyone agree turtles have the most armor?

There is no statistical difference between pet families any more. A tenacity specced wolf has the same defensive stats as a tenacity specced turtle, just like a ferocity specced turtle does as much damage as a ferocity specced wolf.

The only differences besides looks are the family specific abilities. In the case of the wolf, it's a crit buff. In the case of a turtle, it's a defensive cooldown.

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