[H] Skilled, LF Fun Casual/Flex Raiding Guild

Hi there. I am a long time wow player. Mature and skilled raider since Vanilla, but no have the time or interest in raiding hardcore.

I really just want to get back to the roots of what made WoW special for me in the first place: A great bunch of friendly people, working through raids, not taking it too seriously and having a blast! I have a very busy schedual, so Flex raiding is very attractive, as I can miss a raid here and there without hurting the group.

I am currently on US-Illidan Horde but would be willing to transfer for the right guild.

What Im looking for
- A casual fun atmosphere with friendly open minded people. Mature
- Medium-large sized guild
- normal mode / Flex raiding team (2 nights ideal) that isnt elitist, but can still progress. Fun raid atmosphere. I have a busy schedule so I cant raid everyday, which is why Flex would be great
- Horde side on a medium to high pop realm
- Raids around 7-11pm EST
- Understands if I cant make a raid every now and again

What I have to offer
- Mature and friendly male in late 20s. Helpful and willing to listen to and help guildies
- Skilled player. Been playing and raiding since Vanilla. Know my classes well
- Would be playing my ilvl 500 Mistweaver monk. Also have a 502 Ele shaman and a Fury warrior I could bring.

If you have a guild that you think would be a good match I would love to apply! Thanks!
would like to have a chat as to more of your tastes Battletag: Bleepyouall#1847
Hi! I think we may be a great fit and a fun opportunity for you- Add me: Sirikta#1783 for more information! :)
You sound like a great fit for our guild. Our website is www.mysterymen.enjin.com - Please have a look around and see if we might be some peeps you would to get to know. My battletag is Florreith#1230 if you would like to chat. I look forward to hearing from you.

If you are still interested in transferring to Zul'jin, I believe I can offer you much of what you are looking for. Please contact me through Battletag: MooingDruid#1737

Our third raid team is forming and in need of a few more talented raiders to get it moving into ToT.
This team will raid Sunday and Wednesday from 9pmEST - 11:30pmEST

We are a casual all around guild. We frequently run old school raids on Mondays and do various other LFR and H. scenario's on other days. We're a growing guild with strong fun personalities.

You can read more about us at www.disconnectwithus.enjin.com
Hey everyone!

Thanks for the replys! I wanted to let you know that I currently dont have internet at home because I just moved and they haven't installed it yet. I am also on vacation next week, so I will follow up in a week or two!

Thanks again.
Hello, and welcome to reading my post on "Sated". We are a guild which has been here only a short time of a few months but our progression is coming along nicely while not being "too hardcore". We offer members a mild step between "casual" and "hardcore" a moderate raiding experience. This said if your a casual raider your still welcome we do sometimes sit people though for progression runs if we need to till we get the heroic mode down etc. Lots of opportunity in Sated for growth, family, and friends. How about I answer some questions with the facts:

Guild: Sated
Faction: Horde
Guild Level: 25

Raid Times, and Days:

Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday 8:30-11:30pm EST/ST

3/13 H 12/12 N ToT
Older content as well progressed. 6/6 MSV H etc

Currently we are recruiting DPS, and Healers for our main 25 man raid group. ilvl req starts at min. 500+ilvl and we'd prefer more rather than less experience.

Contact for recruitment:

Also can contact other officers:
Paese, Kharnak, etc.

(You can also just drop an application at our website)

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