Is stampede broken?

Why can i use stampede but my dk partner cant use army? Without both of us summoning pets we don't do enough damage to kill anything. Either take out stampede and buff hunter damage by ~20% or let dks use army. Working as intended? Doesn't look like it.
Aye, stampede is just too damn OP. I'll take the loss of stampede with a petty 20% dmg increase. I just feel terrible when I pop my win button. I don't even use it any more unless I'm fighting priests.
Stampede too OP it makes my FPS go down by 1, a whole one remove from arena please.
Idk. Hunter used stampede when I was playing feral druid today. My screen went black and then this happened. It might be spawning too many pets.
The fact that you relly on stampede to win :L

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