Honor Tyrann?

I am looking to get an offspec Holy Tyrann set for my 3v3 arena team. I have looked around, and it seems that there is a lot of difference in opinions. Some people say you can talk to the vendor, and some say you can't (Is this fixed yet?). Also, people say 25k w/ the achieve, and some people say its 27/28 (It is 25k right?) And this Vendor sells Honor Tyrann or Conquest Elite Tyrann right? I have seen different answers regarding these 3, so some clarification would be amazing. Thanks
There are two additional vendors once you reach 25k season total conquest earned. They are on the right as you come in to the room, if you took the flight path, I believe.

One of them sells elite gear and pvp meta gem. Elite gear costs conquest, plus piece of tyranical gear that is equal to the one you wanna buy. That vendor also sells the pvp meta gem, but I believe you need 27k conquest earned to buy it, it wouldnt let me even though I could search him with my 25k ach until i got 27k.

The other one sells tyranical gear for honor, and thats about it, also requires 25k conquest earned.

As for elite gear, it is the exact same thing as normal tyrn, just different skin, fairly pointless.

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