Paladin and DK lf raiding guild

Hello, My friend and I are currently in search of a core raiding group. We both returned from a long hiatus from wow. Our last time raiding we we're in the top guild in our realm clearing through heroic firelands. We both rerolled completely when we starting playing again at the beginning of 5.3. Needless to say our experience this epac is a little shot, but with no concern; we learn very quickly, we do our research, we are content and smart players, and we always show up. I'm currently specd ret and my ilvl is 509, I am more than willing to spec holy, which im building a set for now. My Dk friend is ilvl 495 frost and is also willing to go blood. We've been raiding together for years now, and have cleared everything excluding Naxx(vanilla), sunwell, dragon soul, and most content this epac. We just started casually trying to raid ToT. Again our gear and experience is a little rough, but I can promise when we are a little more knowledgeable and geared, we can with 100% certainty help get guilds start to push into heroic content or help heroic guilds progress even further. PST me for any more info or interest. My battletag is Airagies#1836
My guild might be the place you are looking for. We are a recent transfer from a dead server and are currently rebuilding our 10-man team. We hope to be starting ToT as soon as we can fill our ranks. Please look us up at and feel free to contact me in game. My battletag is Florreith#1230. I look forward to hearing from you.l
Hey man I am the GM/ Raid leader of Blood Haze. We are currently a 1/13 H 10m team. However we are looking to transition into a 25m team in SoO. We currently clear 12/12 weekly on our mains with no issues and we are also working very hard and actually running a complete second group with out alts which is 8/12 as of this week. I would VERY much like to speak with you more if you would like to add me!



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