Ebola Cleave

Is it still viable ? Would like to try it as UH/Feral/Hpal with friends
It's a great comp, best double melee, until you face a lock team, where entire team just gates around the map, or if your feral gets focused by zerg/cleaves, to a point where he cant cc much, since dks dont have that many peels.

I only got 2.1k on my feral this season running it for a while, but with a disc, with the extra clones, but with a holy paly, I have no idea how will you hold pressure. We managed to hit 2.2k mmr, and beat some 2.4k teams, but in a long run, you'll get stuck, as soon as they figure out that feral is the way to go.

On the other hand, it completely destroys some less known comps, and mostly other double melee. Melee/caster/healer has no chance vs it.
So best healer in there would be Disc ?

And what would be the strategy ? CC the DPS while tunneling healer ?
It really all depends on what the other comp consists off, and how they're playing, the point is for both dps to connect as much as possible and to shut something down as efficiently as possible(obvious).

You can tunnel the healer, if you can out cd the other comp, meaning you will force more than you will lose, those games usually end really fast.

If you know its going to be a long game, dont sit on healer, wait for swap and strang/grip, if you catch him before he uses spectral guisem etc. Really all depends, I only did maybe a total of 100 games with this comp, so I cant really tell you much more, and nobody else is really running it, but you'll figure it out as you go, just make sure you put out tons of pressure and focus mainly on that as dk.
go big
Then probably gonna try this for lolz, thanks guys.

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