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Pet Battles
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<3! Thanks again for the Direhorn Runt, I'm psyched as this is the first beast pet I've ever leveled! Totally made my night spectacular ^.^
Glad you like him! :D
He IS pretty damn cute.
I would love the Snowy Panda, they look so awesome and I haven't been able to beat any of the Beasts of Fable yet! I will add you in game
Gotta run and do those dailies tonight for more pandas. Thanks for takin' him! :)

Edit: Also, you have a good night two, Ran. Sorry I didn't respond in game for that!
I would like the menagerie custodian, that will complete my mechanics type.

you can add me, my battle tag is - dohko#1574
I already have all these, so not asking for any. Just wanted to say you're awesome for doing this =p
Added you Dohko!

And thanks Joni :P
I've had a couple people help me out here and there with pets, so I would like to do what I can to pay it forward.
Thanks again for the Lil' Bad Wolf! :)
Thanks for the Geode!
Your welcome guys. :) Happy to help
Just added you.
Im kind of a newb with the pet battle thing, but if you have any extra magic or water types, theyd be appreciated! Still building the stable.

but really anything you dont need would be awesome sauce.
Pomp = pretty much awesomest person evar
Add me in game Shia, he's yours.
Pomp = pretty much awesomest person evar
Well shucks. Just tryin' to make some people happy is all.

Edit: Good night guys, will make sure to update thread as I get more pets. Just ran Kara twice and got nothing! :(
HI Pompea, i would like to adopt Jade Crane Chick to my pet collection, =)

thanks so much Pompea

Edit: Just got a jade crane chick from pomp, thanks again Pomp.
You're welcome Bulgy. :)

Updated the list a little. It's getting so tiny. Hopefully I will be luckier today than I was yesterday.
I would seriously love the Imperial Moth, I never see one on my AH, and I'm up to like a gazillion Silkworm Cocoons. :(

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