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Pet Battles
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Add me in game Vyn and he's yours :)
Pomp = awesomest person ever
Updated the list a little.
Enjoy :)
<3 Now I just need names for them..
mm I don't think I've even named mine yet - so many pets so many names to think of
(my head hurts)

BUT ok what about naming 1 - POM and the Other PEA - other than these sorry your on your own..

Ohh or you can name 1 karma :P
Do you have any pets that can replace the moonkin hatchling? Bought it and it was terrible.
Well, currently I only have what's in the list of the OP.

How are you looking to replace the moonkin? Something with similar abilities, or something that will just be a more useful pet overall?
Hello I love pets and currently have 492 unique however i am missing/trying to farm several on the list you mentioned if you have any left I would gladly take them my battle tag is Lirah#1310 i would appreciate it so much
Enjoy, Lirah! And thanks so much for the extra pet!
Updated the list a little.
Thank you so much for the sentry Pomp your really awesome for doing this i'll see about sending more of my duplicates your way ^ ^
Do you still have the Air Spirit? I can never get him or the Earth! :(

Edit: Thanks so much for the Spirit!
You guys are awesome, now it's not even mostly my own extras anymore haha. Need to get to work. :P
Annnnd updated
Fell off first page :(
Bump! Can't believe my luck with these raids recently.
I've been trying to get a filthling to drop for weeks ;-; if he's up for grabs I'd love to take him.
I'm not sure how this works cross realm, I was under the impression you couldn't trade like that... in any case, if it works I'd like that Zandalari Anklerender. :3
Sorry in advance for bad typing, im on my phone atm.

@moss: the filthling is yours! Unfortunately im away for a couple days with family. Ill be back on monday though.

@avo: yeah, you cant trade cross realm. This works only because pets are account wide now. :) basically, you can make a level 1 on earthen ring, I can meet yout level 1 and trade him/her the pet. Once you learn the pet into your collection its then attached to your account, not the character, so you can log onto any other character and have him. The anklerender is yours, but again I wont be back til monday... :(

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