Ghostly Skull or Fetish Shaman?

Pet Battles
I am trying to figure out which undead pet to focus on. What would you choose?
Skull, hands down. Better move set, better breed available than FS.
Most people on this forum will tell you Ghostly Skull is a better pet, including myself. Except I use my Sen'Jin Fetish (basically a different breed of the Fetish Shaman) way more than the Ghostly Skull. It's just more fun to me.
I loves my skull.
My favorite undead pet is the Creepy Crate.
skull is one of those CE vanity pet.
Skull. You should never, ever use pets that I can't have because it hurts my feelings.
skull is one of those CE vanity pet.


Maybe... they meant the Shaman? <.<

The Shaman only wins for looks, but the Skull is a solid pet.
Honestly I love my shaman. with the 2 dots it does quite a lot of damage.

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