XP text not showing on bar

Pet Battles

I have searched, and googled, and searched some more to no avail, and I'm hoping someone in here has the answer for me.

Unless I mouse over the XP bar in a pet battle, the XP text & percentage don't show. I've tried fiddling with different settings, but nothing works. It's really bugging me - does anyone know how to fix this?

Thanks in advance!
I don't think it's designed to show up unless you mouse over it.

I ended up just making my own unit frames for my active pets by making an addon that I'm still polishing up for public consumption.


This way I don't have to constantly open up that huge Pet Journal panel every time I want to check on something.
Thank you! I will keep an eye on your addon and give it a go!

That pet journal is a bit cumbersome, I agree, and I still think it needs more searchable fields, like searching for family abilities, rather than just family type.

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