Just Hit 90 Gear Confusion

I've seen so many different conflicting ways to gear once you hit 90, I wanted to try and get a definitive answer. First, I've seen that JP are useless and to convert them to honor or just buy heirlooms? As of pvp I've seen two different views of using pve gear now or should I still go for the pvp gear? A mixture of the two? Any help would be appreciated.
LFR wear whatever gear that drops.

Haste is baller.

www.askmrrobot.com is your friend.

JP to honor to epic pvp gear.

Get carried in arena, and get you some Tyrannical gear, weapon is the best you'll get until ToT and best you'll get for instanced pvp.

Instanced PvP = Wear pvp gear, but like always, you're human so 2 pve trinkets, but since you're new to 90 you'll prob use pvp trinkets.

World PvP = Wear PvP gear unless you have ToT+ gear, then just wear PvE gear.

As ret wear the best you can get until you're fully PvE and fully PvP geared.

Consult www.askmrrobot.com on how to effectivly gem/enchant/reforge your gear as you get it.

As far as upgrade order goes, upgrade your lowest ILVL stuff first so you can hurry up and queue for LFR in ToT, don't waste time with heroic dungeons other than the 1 a-day for a chest with loot.

1 Heroic scenerio
1 Daily heroic
do the troll scenario quest chain and get some pretty decent boots
um coffee is getting me hyper that's about all the use i'll be.
Thanks, that really cleared it all up, I'll get to it!

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