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8/10, definitely unique.
@Frosch 2/10 for putting the set together. 2/10 because sets are boring. : /

what evil is this,you called yourself a paladin?
@Skeeba, 8.5/10 since you were skipped, I would like to see a shield that would be a little whiter or more "elemental" to match your set.

@Frosch 8/10. The set is decent, and you're not using it's helm thank god. The sword and shield just need to match a little better. The sword should be something a little more streamlined instead of rugged like a dragon, and the shield has that emerald in it that throws off the rest of your set.

Both of you have really good sets though. But I would still like to see cleavage. Just sayin...
Cadmus: 9.5

Still looking good. I found a couple of possible matches to replace your current boots in case you're still looking for alternatives; I'll try to get in touch in-game.

Armory's default pose for this toon is awkward when a 1H weapon and shield/off-hand are equipped, so here's a link to my Wowhead profile for a better view:

Jurist: 8

Looks pretty good, honestly, though I'm not sure the shoulders really go with it.
Nice matching, especially the sword. 10/10
Looks really good. Love the mace! 9/10.
7/10, human rets get such a better pose, male blood elfs make it hard to get a good look at the mog,
EDIT: 7/10 Nice match, but I'm not a big fan of the armor.

As for me, I got the Lightbringer crown last night, but I haven't tried it yet with this set. This set looks a lot better in game, with the effects from the shoulders and weapon.
9/10, Everything looks good!
9/10 Nice look.

Great lookin' set and unique, too.
I Likes mines :)

Plus my mace puts off some serious light. Looks like im at a rave
Hamners, 6/10. I like the set but I think the helm looks a little silly with it. Also you're supposed to rate the person above you not just say you like your own set.
@Wärangel 8.5/10, the boots and weapon could match better, but I like the Sunwell set.

@Tealite 9/10, I don't see that axe mog used a lot, which is cool to see. It doesn't go well with the rest of the set from what I can tell, and the helm is probably a bit too bright for the rest of the set. Kinda reminds me of a pissed off miner. heh
10/10 Cadmus. Very nice set. Very much a Paladin.

I'm probably going to change mine again tonight. I've decided it suits a Holy Paladin better.
10/10 Very aesthetically appealing and paladin-esque. Good choice of weapon!
Very elven-paladin going on 7/10

Ah not everyone remembers the old raid days. Thanks anyways. :)
That chest man.
5/10. It looks like its coming towards -something- I just have no idea what.

*note* my back screws with the armory. It's black / yellow.

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