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8/10, though I feel that set's colors fit a Blood Elf more.

Just threw this set together while trying to gear up, come at me bro!
9/10, all the colours match quite nicely but it's not a favourable colour in my opinion

Set is almost done, just need a weapon, helmet and shoulder piece to transmog.
8/10 Nice idea, keep going. I just think the blue in the cape is a bit too intense for the rest of the armor.
why you guys skip me?
buahahaha bask in the glory that is my death wing tmog
8/10... Death Wing set is always good
7/10 not a huge fan of that set, but still, WRESTLING BELT!!!!
@Ardalas 7/10
Sword and tabard are too dark compared to the rest of your rather nice golden set. Same with your cloak, although I can't really see the back.

Flashy, fiery.
@Xalefor im all for uniqueness but you have sets 3 sets in 1 transmog.

Your helm does not match your shoulders/gloves which in turn do not match your belt boots and pants. Not to even mention that your weapon is a completely different theme on its own.

I normally rate high based off of seeing good sets but i highly suggest you do a little more work on your set. Everything from tier 1-10 is available and soloable along with the majority of pvp taking honor.

So for now ?/10

10/10 matches perfectly. Good work on the cape.
8/10 - boots and weapon could match better, but good work getting all of it together. I love the shoulders of this set, hate the helm though.

I like it a lot. Works perfect for a blood elf!

I like it a lot. Works perfect for a blood elf!

8.5/10 YELLOW!
Classic PvP paladin gear. 8/10 (only because I depise PvP) =P
@Amoracchia- 8/10. Very nice set!
not done yet still missing the legs... love the shield with that set 8.5/10 just cause of how often I see it

edit : someone new posted 7.5 for being unique just never really like the platekini
2/10 because it looks like you just put random things together.

I gave you 2 points because of the shield

but tbh you look like a


now that you have your ret transmog you look better... (8/10)

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Hötpants - 7.5/10
- Go with a different belt and weapon, that purple isn't working with the rest which looks very nice. Any way you could make your hair color darker brown? The style is perf, but the blond is too light imho.

Fatheroflies - 4.5/10
- Try the tidewalker boots outa BT, they match that set a lot better. Decap morg not working so well. Same with Bulwark and the tab.

Andersondary - 9/10
- Subservient greatboots gotta get morg'd and do not go with that beautiful set! -1 You look fantastic otherwise!

Ratham - 7.5/10
- Concur with Stríkè, tab and sword don't work + no helm?

Stríkè - 10/10
- Disagree with Furyshield. You look like a 'Knight of the Light". Great pick on the helm and hair combo. Wow! What a paladin!

Furyshield - 7/10
- Pants and shield definitely not working, and there are better sword morgs for that look. Tab doesn't really work either.

Draxyn - 7.5/10
- It 'works' but a sword seems more appropriate for your look, and there's gotta be a 'smoother' shoulder set to coincide with your plate armor. The spikes just seem out of place. Great attempt tho.

Hecifer - 10/10 (holy fiery set morg)
- Looks fantastic! Never realized how well that tab works with that set of gear.

Levictor - 9/10
- Think you could find a better weapon morg to cinch it.

Wikiki - 8.5/10
- A better cloak and a belt without blue might be better. That big blue button on your belly looks out of place.

Rependtafoo - 10/10
- Very solid Paladin transmorg. Mixed multiple styles that work very well together as a complete set. Looks great!

Excalibalg - 10/10 (looks like you weren't reviewed)
- Normally I like seeing the hair match the set, but in this case, your morg has very light tones and your dark hair accentuates it adding a bit of pow. Works rather nicely!

Lamoirier -
- You only morg'd your weapon and shield, and simply threw on the blood knight tabard. While it looks very nice, a paladin with what looks like a dagger seems out of place, and the shield is too bright. So will abstain for now, as I feel like I'm just rating a tier set.

Rètbull - 5/10
- Not sure if I caught you in the actual outfit you wanted reviewed. Looks like top half is judgement and bottom half is s12-ish. If I could cut you in half at the waist, I'd give each half 10/10, but together it just doesn't work. Maybe some heroic Firelands pieces for the bottom would work better?

Lüther - 9.5/10
- Judgement is awesome. Hammer works great. -.5 cuz that set is so heavily used. Would have liked to see you mix it with something else.

Zaleus - 10/10
- You wouldn't think these pieces would work together, but I feel they really all come together exceedingly nice! Evern the choice of hair color, which I didn't think white works with much, or would go with any of this, works when the set is complete. Very nice!

Cadmús - 11/10
- You made all those sets work together very nicely. +1 for making that eyepatch work to boot. Bravo!

Page 2

Stax - 10/10
- I've seen something similar to this before, and I am once again impressed with people's ability to use the Ebon Knight's tab to great effect. I like how the sword is the accent in this case. Well done!

Xalefor - 8/10
- Find a better helm and weapon, and look into some gauntlets. See if you can find some with that dash of red in them as well yet still have the dark color to coincide with the rest as the majority.

Retaku - 8/10
- Axe style works but colors don't. Where's a tab and cloak?

Cylesste - 8.5/10
- Hard to review. Got a big shield blocking up 50% of your character. While I like the design of that shield, don't think it goes that well with your theme/colors. I'd like to see a golder hair color as well.

Holymez - 9.5/10
- I don't believe it, but you made those shoulders work with th0se gloves by choosing the right pieces for the complete set. Find a better belt and be 11/10! Maybe something dark and black to go with your hair!.. again.. wow. I'm amazed at what you made work! Mace morg is 'OK'. Any chance you can find something better?

Venkryn -
- Abstaining from review, you only morg'd the weapon and tossed on a tab. Belt, boots, and hair doesn't work. Try out some morgs and I'll review then!

Filfa - 10/10
- Don't use a tab, that looks great, but is there an awesome cape you could use to make it 11/10? Looks awesome! But you already know that I'm sure ;) Concur with Moiin's comments on your morg. One of the best I've seen.

Moiin - ??
- Think I caught you on an off-day maybe? Too much is clashing atm. I'll abstain from review, otherwise it would be extremely low.

Paradïse - 9/10
- What a great look that's being brought down by a weapon. Lose the purple sword brosef! Find something better. Maybe something with a bright red gem in the hilt/guard.

Steven - 8.5/10
- Shovel is fail! Shield works well. Find a weapon with the shield's blue in it if you can and you'd be godlike!

Ritalynn - 9/10
- Awwww you're so cute! But golden hair to go with the gold in the mace woulda been the deal closer.

Deadpallyftw - 6.5/10
- Tab doesn't work with the dark iron. Helm doesn't either. Axe doesn't either. Things clash not blend. Belt is completely off.

Eashag - ???
- Come back when you actually morg it up. Tab doesn't work with the S13 Tyr, nor does the Ripper.

Airenn - 7/10
- Hair/head works with tab, but that doesn't go with the judgement set, and while I always liked that sword, doesn't work with the rest either. You can definitely find better pieces in those places. Til then.

Selfesteem - ???
- Come back when you actually morg it up.

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