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Feyhelm - 8.5/10
- I don't have as big a problem with the gloves, as they accentuate the dark elements in the Undead Slaying garb and work well enough with the sleeves they attach to. But yeah, while I love a good winged/thor-esque helm, too much yellow in it doesn't let it work so well. Props as well to the gear we can't get anymore and making it work with that axe!

Rhoz - 10/10
- Exxxxxcellent choice on the weapon, Smithers. Nice how you worked that belt into this theme. Samurai are the asian form of a Paladin, so grats on looking like an Asian Paladin! Very nice! Normally I wouldn't think that tabard would work with that kind of color scheme, but it pulls it off and reminds me of the actual samurai with their bold standards/flags representing their lord. The hair color to show those big bushy eyebrows on the light skin, really completes it. Amazing how they blend in with the dark markings on the tabard.

Ignian - 7.5/10
- While I love the Immo sets, I don't agree mixing heroic with normal works hue wise. The belt goes with the normal but not with the heroic robe, and same with the boots. Axe doesn't work at all with the theme or set or colors.

Orienon - 8.5/10
- I've taken the fact that your cloak is the guild cloak and matches your tabard into consideration. I think you've done a really nice job with different sets coming together and working. I disagree with Haliphix on the shoulders, they work imho. In all sincerity I think you've pushed this look as far as it can go, but can't give it a higher mark simply because it is so many colors. I mean it works, it's just... a bit 'busy'. Still, good job. Amazing you made these pieces work, so props to that.

Haliphix - 9/10
- While I am a fan of that axe, I don't think it goes with that gear set, the hue just doesn't match or work as an accent to the blue theme you have. Maybe something white with a yellow goldish hilt that matches the yellow/gold in the shoulders, yet being white it would look like an icicle in a sense to your 'icy' look. And where's the cloak? There are many that go well with that set.

Paolodin - 4/10
- While some elements work rather well, the blue accents you're trying to do don't work for me. The sword doesn't work enough either. This probably looks a lot better in game, but based on armory, just not digging it.

Shinn - 9.5/10
- Looks absolute amazing and very impressive. The only thing holding you back is that sword. Find a better one and be an 11! Oh, and give that man a long beard or goaty and be awesomesauce!

Oox - 7.5/10
- I agree the sword and board go well together, but man you got dread on, do up the dark motif a bit more. The cyan (light blue) elements aren't accentuating the look, they are dominating it. Less can be more at times, and right now I think you need a bit less on that avenue.

Midknightsun - 11/10
- People should look at your morg for it is an example of how to accentuate a look with a splash of color. You nailed the 'less is more' rwith that mace. I wouldn't think purple would work with that beautifully done armor scheme, but it really does. Looks fantastic! Well done!

Alexmania - 9.5/10
- The new axe works much better. I believe you were using a sword before. I'm surprised your tabard works, but it does, accentuates the look in such a way, it does kinda look like your rib cage is exposed. Crazy, but good. Ya need a cap to knock it outa the park brosef.

Deadpallyftw - 8/10 (was 6.5) UPDATED REVIEW
- My previous post from yesterday gave you low marks, but today you've changed a number of pieces and it's working a lot better. Much better belt and now the tab is working nicely because of it. Only thing holding you back is that helm mainly, and to a lesser degree the cloak.

Kolori - ???
- Can't see ya, you transferred and armory doesn't work.

Mightion - 9/10
- Weapon is holding you back. Something more 'majestic' is in order with that set/look.

Nazorian - 8.5/10
- Yeah I see why you're using the boots to help it work with the sword a bit more, but I'm not sure you need to do that. They just seem to look out of place. Good hair style but wrong color. Black or gold might look better.

Velmorna - 9.5/10
- Blue cloak looks better than the white I think you had, as it goes with the blue in the shoulders. Weapon isn't working for me. I think you need something with a green gem in it somewhere and it'd seal the deal.

Faysun - 9/10
- Yeah that looks nice. Everything works well enough together. It just doesn't go 'ka pow', but there are no bad decisions imho.

Punishment - 10.5/10
- I'm some what amazed you made some of those pieces work, and work you have! Normally I want to see more transmorg'n going on, but you've taken a set of armor I thought couldn't be made to work, and you didn't just make it work, you made it look amazing. Very well done!

Glantri - 9.5/10
- It works well. The hammer and shield work together, clearly, and together they go with the rest. Guild tab looks fantastic and goes very well with it all, especially the cloak. Looking like a middle ages knight. Very nice!

Palastorm - 11/10
- You made that work and you made it work well. I wouldn't think a phoenix hilt sword would work with that, but it does for some reason. I can't believe those sets work together so well and with THAT BELT, but it sure does. You made a set that works with that helm perfectly. Props! You're like the green goblin of paladins. Hahaha what a set! It's crazy! It's so unique!

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Powertrip - 11/10
- You're a warrior not a paladin, but dude, you frigging KILLED IT! Total awesomesauce!

Bowlingbash - 9.5/10
- While I didn't like that belt on the dwarf earlier on page 3, you made it work here because the gray works with the steel in your sword, so it all comes together. Good job! But where's the cloak!?

Veson - 10/10
- Yep, ya nailed it. Excellent morg.

Kaskarum - 8.5/10
- It's hard to go wrong with judgement. How does black hair or a gold hair look instead? And where's the helm?

Anafielle - 9.5/10
- You nailed it too. Remind me of the female tauren with the purple hammer with you using that sword with that outfit. Accentuates the piece, but I'm wondering if there is a better choice out there, sword color wise?

Kimuraboy - 10/10
- It's a molten paladin straight from the depths of a volcano, ready to do battle with the forces of Deathwing! Seriously, you look like a paladin in super heated armor after standing in Alex's breath! Nice!

Zaknafiend - 10/10
- And there it is, the perfect draen paladin purple set. Bravo! Yep, you nailed it too. Good job!

Cadmús - 8.5/10
- Nicey done. Good coloring and the accents work nicely.

Solviras - 9/10
- I loooove that axe soooo much, but not with that set. Doesn't fit the colors and doesn't fit the armor style theme. Looks out of place. I could totally see that axe on Kimuraboy or someone wearing Immolation tier. Your cloak goes great with the armor, spot on with the hair color, but where's your helm?

Ophysis - 10/10
- Naaaiiiilllled it!

Auschar - 9.5/10
- Looking kinda roman-emperor-esque there. The only thing that seems to hold you back is the blue in that helm/band. I personally don't like those pieces, especially how the pats are cut and don't go into the boots, but you made it work and it all comes together nicely, except as noted above.
- On a personal note, despite the fact that I aesthetically don't like that armor, I can still give you an unbiased and honest review of your morg from an artistic point of view based on the merits of it as a transmorg alone, and not drown it in low marks simply because I do not find it 'appealing' to me personally.

Anarius - 7/10
- Different helm and shoulders would go a long way. Got some neat stuff going on there, but yeah, helm and shoulders, or maybe it's just the helm as Veson mentioned, that's pulling it down. See what you can find and what it does to the piece.

Garbal - 8.5/10
- I think a better sword is in order. Would one of the versions of the 2hander from Council in ToT work?
lovepony - ill give ur transmog a 10/10 and her is why:

first, the use of the black armor i conjunction to the shado-pan helm makes ur character look like she is gonna jump off the roof with her sword and bi-sect me before i even stare at ur direction, coupled with the massive sword from BWL to make it possible, semi-realistic and fashionable lays down the epitomy of retribution: an assassin of the light. its a good look

ps. a matching helm for this set that does not look like !@#$ is indeed extremely difficult to find, thus if anyone has any suggestions please pst below and i will consider.
^^^ 4/10 weird just wierd rofl
Baje - 5/10 Could be better.
@Phro - Your Helm doesn't quite match imo. The rest are cool. 8/10.
@Phro - Your Helm doesn't quite match imo. The rest are cool. 8/10.

I normally despise that gearset, mainly the helmet, but you sir, have made it work quite well.

I'm still trying to get Backbreaker Spaulders and Endbringer for mine. ):
I know a lot of players are bashing the moneymog helms right now but your set makes you look like a female Arthas. Internet rule 63.

edit: almost forgot. 9/10 (the boots.)
8/10 Interesting blood knight look for a human!
nice set! The eye patch goes well with it 10/10
7/10. I always enjoy a more realistic look to armor. I use the savage gladiator set myself when I'm in the mood. I just don't like green on a paladin personally.
checking in for a rating =)
checking in for a rating =)

Oh wow. Someone who uses the hammer with the correct set? Naw...

7/10 because it isn't all that common, but it's not rare either!
07/19/2013 05:24 PMPosted by Life
checking in for a rating =)

Oh wow. Someone who uses the hammer with the correct set? Naw...

7/10 because it isn't all that common, but it's not rare either!

Been working on a set i have yet to see anyone have, plus i have a sword that is not in the game anymore. Soon as the shoulders drop i will update the set. But yest i have seen this set on 1-2 paladins.
Haven't seen anyone with mine, thoe it's easy to get.
Haven't seen anyone with mine, thoe it's easy to get.

I like the idea behind it but it doesn't match very well

8/10 my friend
@Honadan 7/10 i hate that sword.
Rating u anyway! :P 7/10 It matches, but I don't think it looks too Paladiny

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