Ret paladin in PvP? MoP status update request

So I am debating on whether to actually pick this character back up. I stopped playing in Cata and haven't done much with this character yet in MoP.

Are Ret paladins actually worth it at 90 in PvP?

How are they 1v1? Are they still just kited and controlled to oblivion and back like they used to be?

How do they fare in BGs? RBGs?

In Arena how well do Rets perform? Are they still just weak replicas of Holy paladins?
Well up until 5.4 we were the ones doing the kiting against other melee. They're removing Burden of Guilt and replacing it with a Fear on Humans/Beast. There are Ret's who are NOT happy about this change. They'd rather keep the snare.

We've been buffed pretty well since MoP. We can't have our Wings dispelled or purged anymore. So we can keep up against Mages fairly well.. or at least I do.

I still think 1v1 we can pretty much take on any class, except maybe a skilled Demo Lock. Destro use to be up there too, but they nerfed Chaos Bolt damage on enemy players. Some Ret's may have issues with Feral and BM Hunters. Usually you'll need pretty much every CD up for fighting them. Same for Frost Mages.

As for RBG's, we're still a bit undesirable. Crossing our fingers for next patch where we may be accepted for more than 1500 like our Holy brethren.

As for RBG's, we're still a bit undesirable.

This is the definitive definition of an understatement.

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