HS and Glyph of Illumination in 5.4

since blizz feels that we needed more crit with our HS, I was wondering if the glyph of illumination would be viable since they're messing with our mastery.

In 5.4 SW is giving us 20% crit with shock, and with its base 25% chance to crit, would that glyph be viable? I'm not really having mana issues unless I'm spamming the !@#$ out of my big heals. In essence you could get above 60% crit easily, with shock with it being on a 3 sec cd. in essence that could be a decent amount of regen from spamming shock and 1-2 HP WoG's or EFs. sure the mastery proc on the ticks wouldnt work at all, but it is a semi-efficient hot and the heal is alright for its no mana cost.

currently im reforged for crit to try this out, and im at 516 ilvl, so im fairly geared. i have 20% crit, 22% mastery, and 19% haste. in combat regen is 11k, but i have spirit proc trinkets. ran an instance (gate of the setting sun) and used shock to heal 62 times and it crit 32 times. offensively i used it 18 times and it crit 9 times so a little over 50% from healing and 50% from damaging, pre SW buff. Couldnt really say how it was effecting my mana regen because my tank was fairly geared. Were this a harder heal, i could have had better info. gonna try an LFR in a bit to see how well it works prebuff.

tl;dr: will the glyph work in 5.4 with a crit build?
It works now. I messed with a high crit build and in my meh gear it still was mana positive. I was running with 31%crit unbuffed. With the IoL change next tier it will be pretty good, especially if EF stays as it is now on the ptr.

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