What happened KJ

I did drink water, which could be part of a ketogenic diet.
I'd like to apologize about what I said earlier. I've realized that I've been a real chum to those whose characters were birthed or transferred to this server in Wrath and what you said about being a forum hipster and listening to Linkin Park really opened up my eyes. But you all have a point as these forums since then have sucked.

PS: It was Limp Bizkit.
The only band more metal than Limp Bizkit is Nickelback.
The only band more metal than Limp Bizkit is Nickelback.

Don't forget Creed.
certain guilds on horde, that are wintrading...... "cough"
All these howleys transferring onto the server.
Nice transmog, jk mines better.
my tabbard is better.
my tabbard is better.

Shots fired
Everyone knows Rammstein is the only good music.

You have a smorgey! I got a snarfle-a! So what's the problem? Let's bork it quick!
07/09/2013 06:59 PMPosted by Rueful
Are you implying there was a time it didn't suck?

Before all of you got here. =x


EDIT: Also, if memory serves: these forums have always been like this... It's always someone calling out someone, a circle jerk or just shenanigans.
07/09/2013 08:59 PMPosted by Anky
PS: It was Limp Bizkit.


Du hast mich.
my tabbard is better.

I agree with teh Ruefuls.
1. Howlies
2. Lack of serious RP & creativity
3. VI being the only guild to do server events done selflessly
4. Everyone feels the need to post 100% of the time, all the time, as its something to do
5. Treating the realm like "Facebook"
Sorry im back now, don't worry it'll get better

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