I always get matched against higher level pet

Pet Battles
I have a team of 3 lv 10 pets. Seems like just about every battle the enemy team is mostly lv 11, sometimes mostly lv 12. I wouldn't mind waiting longer in queue for a more fair matchup please. I'm getting tired of all these losses.
Lower level pet ques can be brutal, it has to balance between matching levels and taking forever to find you an opponent.
I've just stopped doing low level pvp altogether because of this issue. It's hard for me to gauge if I'm losing because my opponent has a couple of levels on me or if it's because I suck. And if I have the higher level pets and win as a result it just seems hollow.
...So level pets to 25 and then re-queue? What do you expect? If it matched EXACT levels your queue would be even longer.

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