Again, having trinket trouble. I have the Jade Warlord Figurine and just got Ji-kun's Rising Winds. Now, normally it'd be an easy choice, but Ji-kun's isn't all that great (who needs 1.3k expertise?) and I do like the on-use mastery from the figurine, despite it being only 489. So, which would serve me better?
Do you feel like you need the extra stamina? If yes, use the Figurine. If not, the secondary stats on Rising Winds should be more useful. Yes, it's expertise, but that's less expertise you need to reforge/gem for, and some extra haste.

Wow, that's an awful list. Do they even understand Prot stat priorities?
It looks like they just listed according to item level, but then left out the haste trinkets or the feather (hit/str proc) because... uh, I guess they're "DPS trinkets"?

Do they even understand Prot stat priorities?

Let me check.

07/15/2013 12:08 PMPosted by Jsen

Nope. They're typically better than noxxic, which is a really low benchmark. You'd have to try quite hard to be worse than noxxic actually.
That list looks like it was made from bad datamining because there's all kinds of items missing, I can't believe Theck ever actually looked at it, and I really hope that they didn't do that manually because it doesn't even follow the rest of their own guides.
Yeah, just looking through the rest of that list, it completely ignores anything with haste unless it's haste/mastery. The abundance of crit/mastery items makes me think it was computer-generated, but you'd think they'd at least proofread something like that?
Well what it looks like is it was generated by a ptr.wowhead sort, with the stats set to filter tanking gear (has mastery >0, has dodge >0, has parry >0). The reason I think it was generated from datamining or ptr data is that different ilvl items (including a number of actual bis potential items) are missing even though lower level versions of the items are there.. something that happens a lot with ptr data.

It just lists every green trinket there is from what I can tell, and most of the blue ones but manages to miss the two really great dps-tanking crossover trinkets, the boe hit/on-use str trinket and lessons of the darkmaster.

But right at the top it says reviewed and approved by Theck and for that list I honestly can not see him saying yes to that if he really looked at it.

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