Celestial Blessings - Melee DPS Challenge

This is Thundertaker again, on my actual Ret Pally. I wanted to update you that about an hour or 2 after I posted my last post, I finally got it.

All the mechanics can be mastered in a few hours except the Mirror Image which required a bit of luck for me. Fortunately, Pally's have their aoe seal to hit all targets within 8 years, and a Lay on Hands to save them when they screw up. If you're really patient, you can use Repentence to get unlimited 1 minute time-outs to heal up and reset cooldowns, however, you still have to deal with the occasional add respawns, as they never stop. When I finally won though, I was virtually dominating the fight. I dodged the mechanics by aoeing in a circle and running towards Wrathion when he came towards me or looked to be spawning his frontal cone. I allowed an occasional aoe attack in my rotation to help bring down adds while I dps'd Wrathion. When I got weak, I ran away, ensure Wrathion moved out of any pools he had spawned, Repented him, healed while dpsing down the adds, refreshed dps on Wrathion, finished healing up, and when I was ready, I crept up behind stunned Wrathion, hit him with Hammer of Justice, popped cooldowns, and had a dps fest from behind him for a few seconds. I just kept rinse/repeating, except when he ran to the middle for Mirror Image.

When he is in the middle, I put on my aoe seal, dps all I could until the images spawned, and when they spawned - If I thought I saw the real Wrathion I attacked him, otherwise, I randomly picked a big group to AOE. Always hitting some images is better than nothing, and sometimes I got lucky and hit the real image by accident. I healed if I needed to to survive, and used my Lay on Hands if I got down to nothing from an image explosion. Somehow, I managed to survive the occasional mirror image, and because I had a pretty good handle on the other mechanics, I knew eventually I would have a bit of luck and finish him off.

Sure enough, after some 5 or 6 hours of trying, I finally got him. When I did get him, I finished off the last of his health while he was attempting his second Mirror Image. I don't think he managed to get his first set of images in, before I emptied his health. Essentially, if you can do at leat 120K dps in the fight, and work hard to master the mechanics, eventually you can kill him. If all goes well, you will only need to survive one or two mirror images, so if you're like me, and suck at this mechanic, there is hope, so keep the faith.

Don't get me wrong, it was a hard fight, and a very frustrating 5 or 6 hours. However, if you stick with it, you will win as a Ret Pally, and it feels really good to win a great challenge like that! Its totally worth it - don't give up. A challenge like this doesn't come around often for us casuals, and you can only do it once per melee or hybrid melee dps toon. Don't miss out doing it at least once. If I can do it, most people could. I have barely downed a heroic boss or a final regular raid boss in my WoW life, but I did manage to kill this.
Then there is hope for me after all!

09/05/2014 04:02 AMPosted by Dreadwalker
Then there is hope for me after all!


a) necro
b) this is trivial at your ilvl
c) that is some of the worst gemming I have ever seen.

well, almost the worst I've seen.
Hi guys, as a feral druid at iLvl 525 - this fight was actually pretty crazy difficult :

I did it like this :

1 started in cat form - burned him down as much as possible until the tears appeared
2 - hit bear mode and smashed the tears down then straight back to cat form
3 - interrupted that death ability as much as possible (which I'll admit wasn't as often as I had planned!)
4 - made damn sure to use thrash and swipe when he casts inferno, and yes he does this three times
I could not see a way to tell from the mirror images which one was actually him straight up in the few times I did this, which made it a little more daunting but soon as that part was done..
5 - back to bear mode to smash the tears which seemed to constantly spawn at the worst possible moment
6 - repeat all of the above until he goes down in a screaming heap.
We're not ferals... and stop necroing threads.
This fight is all about doing nothing. When Wrathion summons the adds, just run up to the center of the top platform, the adds will return to the bottom and never attack again as long as you don't leave your spot. Then just wait for Wrathion to come back to you and dps him down.

If you're trying to kill the adds, you're doing it wrong.

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