Holy Pally MoP Lvln

I am lvling my Holy pally through MoP content. Is it feasible to stay Holy for quests or is it necessary to run Ret for questing?
Holy does great single-target damage and (obviously) has very good self-healing, but you're basically limited to burning mobs one-by-one. Ret is the most effective way to level a Paladin unless you feel like dungeon grinding.

I leveled at the beginning of the expansion as Prot, and in retrospect I should've gone Ret. That being said, I think it would've been easier if it wasn't during the huge rush to level and with the benefit of knowing what quests to do for non-sucky weapons (I think I was using a 403 Souldrinker until level 89? ugh). Prot is still gonna do really poor damage without Vengeance so it's really far from ideal for questing, but it works.
Necessary to run Ret for questing? No

Highly recommended? Yes
How do you/did you guys turn in quests? As holy and just use random ret gear or what?

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