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Pet Battles
I've been doing pet battles on and off for a few weeks now inbetween the other things I work on ingame and it's a nice relaxing diversion with some added thrill of chasing down pets I don't have, and trying to get rares. It's with that in mind that I need some guidance from more experienced battlers on what type of team I should use.

I'm looking for a general purpose, beat everything team that isn't big on the metagaming aspect of things but that can hold its own with any pet/pet team out there to help me capture pets I'm missing as that'll be the primary goal of battles for me till I finish off the rares and the 400 captured achieve.

Right now my team is Celestial Dragon, Lil'Ragnaros and Chrominius, all of who were picked because I thought they were cool and wanted to battle with them. The synergy between Rag and Dragon are good and Chromag while the odd dog out does help against critters and such but I'm looking for a team that would be good against everything and not sure I'm using the best team that I could. I've been collecting pets forever so I have a pretty wide variety of blizz store, tcg, instance drop, etc to choose from.


That's what I have, any help would be appreciated.
I don't know much about what teams are best at what - I play with what ever I like at the time.

But I would level a few more pets for options (at least 1 of each family group) - such as :-

Magic: Enchanted Broom or Jade oozling
Critter:: Rabbits (speed)
Beast: Raptor
Flying: Moth
Undead: Scourged Whelpling
Humanoid: Imp
Aquatic: Magical Crawdad
Dragonkin: Celestial Dragon or proto-drake Whelpling
Mechanical: clockwork gnome, DMF tonk or Zep
Elemental: Lil rag

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